Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Wiki for Behind Blue Eyes by The Who

Wiki for Behind Blue Eyes by The Who

The song is about a man who has cheated on his woman and he is angry with both her (for leaving him) and himself for having done what he has done.
Read up on Borderline Personality Disordered Man, and you will see the sad man behind the bad man, the rage and blame which is projected onto his suffering partner, the need for control, he lies and twists the truth. It is a mental illness that has devastating effects on his girlfriends as he blames them, hurts them, and then moves on, while hiding his anger and blame from people not close to him. He lives in a chaotic world he creates, and never recovered from abandonment issues as a child and wants to hurt everyone back, though he sees himself as a victim. Very screwed up. Very destructive to himself. Often tell his partners they are 'mad'.


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