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What's the relationship between Syria's rebel and the ISIS? - Quora

What's the relationship between Syria's rebel and the ISIS? - Quora

Two major groups exist - ISIL, an ex Al Qaeda affiliate which broke with Al Qaeda during the late years of Al Qaeda engagement in Iraq against US occupation, and Al Nusra, the local Al Qaeda affiliate.
ISIL controls mainly NorthEast, East Central and East of Syria, especially next to ?Iraq's Anbar province . ISIL is present in Iraq's Anbar province as well.
Al Nusra is the biggest and leading group in the 'Army of Conquest' alliance which combines all the islamist groups which do not fall under ISIL umbrella. Smaller groups like Turcoman Jihadis etc are included in this group. Army of Conquest is strongly backed by Turkey.
Army of Conquest controls NW and N parts of Syria mostly. With Al Nusra presence being strong in NW part, near Turkish border.
Then there is the nebulous, elusive FSA - islamists still, but this name is just dropped and adapted as necessary according to political climate of whatever season there is. FSA is generally found in the South of Syria, near Jordan/Israeli border. These practically only exist in the talking points of Western establishment in order to sell the public the idea of backing the insurgency in Syria. For the main financier of this stampede is Saudi  Arabia, and there is no way in hell it would be willing to fund anyone who was a non islamist. Leave aside seculars, leftists or modernists.
The below map is from some time ago. But the map did not change too much. The yellow areas under 'Rebels' classification, you can assume plethora of different small  islamist groups under Army of Conquest umbrella.
The relationships in between these groups is foremost being under one major islamist umbrella - the main proponent this affair is Saudi Arabia, hence all the rebel groups are ideologically on the same side. Not to mention not being so would upset the big daddy and cut the flow of weapons.
You didn't see that coming, did you. Well, you can as well say that 'Free Syrian Army' is the name that is used by the financiers of the islamists when they are delivering weapons to ISIL and Al Nusra.
But being ideologically on the same side and being funded by mostly the same actors does not prevent these groups from fighting against each other. When supplies and weapons become scarce or there are contested zones, these do take up arms against each other and war against each other. But these last generally short, since they are all on the same side and the aim of their backers is overthrow of Syrian regime and establishment of an islamist government. And by backers i mean Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey. There is no way Al Nusra would be able to hold itself this long in the north without having free reign from Turkey just north of the border.


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