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A Review of Karmaism - World Affairs (IC) - Cyber Nations Forums

A Review of Karmaism - World Affairs (IC) - Cyber Nations Forums

Before I begin I would like to address a few things. The mandatory "these are not the opinions of my alliance" should be noted. Also, I make up a few terms as I go because naming conventions haven't been decided yet. If you need clarification, ask, but I'm trying to make it apparent.
A Review of Karmaism
Fundamental Beliefs of the Karmalition as Observed
Behind every person, group of people, organization, or coalition, there are beliefs or sets of beliefs that dicate actions in a somewhat predictable manner. The alliances and blocs that we have grown familiar with here on Bob are no different. Each has moral codes and values that are all slightly distinct. Alliances and Blocs come together to form coalitions when these values and beliefs clash.
Our current conflict, which I feel is open to comment now that we are starting to see the finish line, sheds light on those differences. For our purposes, there are only two sets of beliefs: those of the Hegemony, and those of the Karmalition.
The Hegemony's beliefs stem greatly from Francoism, which I will not even attempt to explain. I recommend reading Vladamir's essays (along with a healthy dose of the comments on them) if you are unfamiliar with it. As it exists in practice, Francoism can basically be summarized by "The NPO will do what it can to preserve itself". Whether or not the great scholars of Pacifica will support that statement is soon to be seen in the responses to this thread.
On the opposite side of the conflict lies the Karmalition, led by the set of beliefs I will refer to as Karmaism until someone proposes a better term. I will attempt to construct an overview of these beliefs as they have been demonstrated to me and the rest of Planet Bob through the actions of the leaders of the Karmalition.
We should begin looking at Karmaism from its inception, or rather the inception of Karma. Archon announced it with the following statement: "We are Karma incarnate, and we stand in solidarity here today to decree that this action [a declaration of war on OV during peace talks] shall not stand. You [Pacifica] will pay for what you have done" (Karma). It is quite evident that double talk, lies, and deceit are not a tenet of the Karmalition. They give people a fair chance, are impartial, and wouldn't do anything behind someone elses back. A particularly bad action would be to engage in peace talks in which you have no intent of giving peace.
"But SirDelirium, I have read Moo's log dump and they gave the NPO a taste of their own medicine," you might say. Well, you would be right. In reality, Karma stands on the actions it stands against.
Another tenet held by the Karmalition states that EZI is wrong. I would say this makes them stand apart from the vast majority of the Hegemony and is a very noble thing, but I would be wrong. Directly preceding the war, several large alliances from the Hegemony added amendments to their charters prohibiting EZI and released their EZI targets due to public pressure.
One thing that sets Karma apart from the Hegemony is the ease of terms they offer to defeated alliances. This, as is plainly clear, is something they follow with the upmost attention. As of this point, I believe no alliance has had terms harsher than "You shall not re-enter the conflict". I would like to say that this is a major departure from precedent, although I am not confident NPO will get the same treatment.
The last major belief of the Karmalition worth noting is the belief that the world should not be unipolar (or that no one Bloc should run the show). Even the name given to the opposition, "Hegemony", is a direct attack at this concept. How deep can this facade go? This is not a war to fight for freedom or soveirgnty. It is a war to fight for power. The fall of the NPO has been proclaimed across the land as the death null of one era and the beginning of another.
Unified as they are, Karma can see this new era from birth to death as long as they wish. Divided they cannot stand against the remnants of the Hegemony, assuming they can regroup. This provides us with a dilemna: to usher in the new era, the Karmalition must become the hegemony.
This last realization proves that only one thing can be said of Karma: as they exist, they are no different than the Hegemony they fight to destroy. They use back-handed tactics to raise themselves politically. They beat down their enemies because they are envious of their power. There are a few policy changes, but the foundation is the same.
Karmaism is Francoism. Karmaism the fresher of two evils.


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