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Wiley: The Ethical Journalist: Making Responsible Decisions in the Pursuit of News - Gene Foreman

Wiley: The Ethical Journalist: Making Responsible Decisions in the Pursuit of News - Gene Foreman


The Ethical Journalist gives aspiring journalists the tools they need to make responsible professional decisions.

  • Provides a foundation in applied ethics in journalism
  • Examines the subject areas where ethical questions most frequently arise in modern practice
  • Incorporates the views of distinguished print, broadcast and online journalists, exploring such critical issues as race, sex, and the digitalization of news sources
  • Illustrated with 24 real-life case studies that demonstrate how to think in 'shades of gray' rather than 'black and white'
  • Includes questions for class discussion and guides for putting important ethical concepts to use in the real world
  • Accompanying website includes model course schedules, discussion guides, PowerPoint slides, sample quiz and exam questions and links to additional readings online:

Table of Contents

Foreword: Journalism Genes xvii

Preface xx
Acknowledgments xxii
Part I: A Foundation for Making Ethical Decisions 1
1 Why Ethics Matters in Journalism 3
2 Ethics: The Bedrock of a Society 16
3 The News Media's Role in Society 24
4 For Journalists, a Clash of Moral Duties 39
5 The Public and the Media: Love and Hate 56
6 Applying Four Classic Theories of Ethics 74
7 Using a Code of Ethics as a Decision Tool 83
8 Making Moral Decisions You Can Defend 105
Part II: Exploring Themes of Ethics Issues in Journalism 121
9 Stolen Words, Invented Facts . . . Or Worse 123
10 Confl icts of Interest: Divided Loyalties 137
11 The Business of Producing Journalism 159
12 Getting the Story Right and Being Fair 183
13 Dealing With Sources of Information 208
14 Making News Decisions About Privacy 229
15 Making News Decisions About Taste 252
16 Deception, a Controversial Reporting Tool 268
17 Covering a Diverse, Multicultural Society 288
18 Ethics Issues Specific to Web Journalism 313
19 Ethics Issues Specific to Visual Journalism 336
20 Ethics in the Changing Media Environment 360
Conclusion: Some Thoughts to Take With You 378
Case Study Sources 381
Index 392


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