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New material converts CO2 into clean fuel with unprecedented efficiency - ScienceAlert

New material converts CO2 into clean fuel with unprecedented efficiency - ScienceAlert

New material converts CO2 into clean fuel with unprecedented efficiency

We need this!

8 JAN 2016

A new material made from microscopic layers of cobalt can convert carbon dioxide gas into formate - a fuel that can be burned with no toxic byproducts and used as a clean energy source.

Developed by a team of researchers in China, the material could be one way to deal with the 36 gigatonnes of CO2 we release into the atmosphere each year due to fossil fuel use. Scientists have been struggling for decades to come up with an energy-efficient way to transform CO2 into something useful, and early testing points to this new material as being one of the most promising options we’ve seen so far.

"This represents a fundamental scientific breakthrough," Karthish Manthiram, a chemical engineer from the California Institute of Technology who was not involved in the research, told William Herkewitz at Popular Mechanics.

"Certainly it will be a years-long process before this is worked into a successful, commercial device. But at this stage of development, by all conceivable metrics, this reaction looks very positive."

The material is just four atoms thick, and is made up of ultra-thin layers of pure cobalt metal and a cobalt oxide-cobalt metal mix. When it undergoes the process of electroreduction, which involves feeding a small electric current through the material to change the molecular structure of the CO2 inside, it produces a clean-burning fuel.

As Herkewitz explains, when an electric current is applied to the cobalt nanomaterial, it causes the molecules inside the material to interact with the CO2 molecules that are running freely through it. This causes hydrogen atoms to attach to carbon atoms from the CO2, prompting an extra electron to be propelled into one of its oxygen atoms. "With that, the CO2 becomes CHOO-, or formate," he says.

Lab tests with the material confirmed that it can maintain "stable current densities of about 10 milliamperes [of formate] per square centimetre over 40 hours, with approximately 90 percent formate selectivity at an overpotential of only 0.24 volts".

I know you want to, but don’t freak out about what all that actually means just yet.

This "overpotential" is the amount of energy lost due to the slowness of electrochemical reactions sustained by electrodes such as this one. The smaller the overpotential, the better, but in order to make something efficient, it has to maintain that small overpotential while also keeping the rate of fuel production up. This is where many attempts at CO2 electroreduction have fallen short in the past.

Manthiram, who is himself working on his own CO2 electroreduction solutions,told Popular Mechanics that not only can this new material sustain that low overpotential while also achieving a high rate of formate production, it manages to keep everything stable too. "It's very rare and difficult to find a material that satisfies all three of those constraints," he said, adding that this material is "the best we've seen" so far.

The team, from China's Hefei National Laboratory for Physical Sciences, describes the material in the journal Nature. The next step will be to demonstrate how it can be incorporated into commercial technology so we can start using up some of the CO2 that's floating around in our atmosphere, causing trouble.

Explicacion simple de la situacion de Venezuela

Friday, May 27, 2016

Future Interfaces Group

Future Interfaces Group

SkinTrack: Using the Body as an Electrical Waveguide for Continuous Fing...

Scientists Recreate Spider Silk In New Liquid Wire Material : SCIENCE : Design & Trend

Scientists Recreate Spider Silk In New Liquid Wire Material : SCIENCE : Design & Trend

Mars is emerging from an ice age that ended about 400,000 years ago | The Verge

Mars is emerging from an ice age that ended about 400,000 years ago | The Verge The researchers also calculated just how much ice accumulated over the poles; the amount is so big that if it were spread throughout Mars, the entire planet would be covered by a 2-foot thick layer of ice.

Bola de Nacos | WordReference Forums

Bola de Nacos | WordReference Forums

Naco is what Mexicans call poor people and people with very bad taste. The word is quite old, and it had a very different meaning. The word comes from one of Mexico's dialects, Totonaco. "Naco" basically means people. "Totonaco" means "people of hot lands". Back then, the Spaniards didn't not refer to themselves being from Spain, they refered themselves as Castilians from the former kingdom of Castile. In most Mexican dialect to this day, the word for Spaniard is Castilian. In Totonaco, a Spaniard is called to this day, a "castillanaco", a person from Castile. 

The Totonacanos proudly refered to themselves as the people "naco", and the Spaniards as the "castillanaco". Over time, for a long time, the Spaniards called them "naco" in derrogative way. Eventually, the word took a derrogatory meaning, and the Spanish used this word all over the country. Today, Mexicans call "naco" anyone who's poor or has bad taste; rarelly anyone knows where the word came from.

The word became extremelly used in the 70's, after Luis de Alba, a comedian began playing a character called "El Pirrurris". The character was a rich young man who enjoyed criticizing the low to middle-class people with illusions of grandeur, airs of importance, bad taste and colorful slang. He would call anyone who wasn't up to his stature, "Naco".
From WR

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

While people starve, Venezuela spends millions preparing for a full scale US invasion ~ NotiCensura

While people starve, Venezuela spends millions preparing for a full scale US invasion ~ NotiCensuraMr.Maduro frequently blames the country's many crises on "economic warfare" promulgated by internal business elites and hostile foreign governments.

But by raising the spectre of a foreign invasion, many commentators suggest, the embattled dictator  is showing signs of desperation, using an old but tired tactic to divert attention from what is really happening.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Psychoactive Substances Act is about to become law - let's make it as hard for them as possible

The Psychoactive Substances Act is about to become law - let's make it as hard for them as possible

BAKED IN BLOOD— a black metal themed online cookie delivery service in the Bay Area.

BAKED IN BLOOD— a black metal themed online cookie delivery service in the Bay Area.

Liberals Hate America

Liberals Hate AmericaFact: Liberals hate America.

Pretty provocative, huh? Before all of you liberals continue to read this (because we all know I have a lot of liberal fans) here is a trigger warning: this argument is vitally supported by something called “generalizations”. I’m aware everything I say in the following may not apply to all self-proclaimed liberals and I am also aware the word “generalization” is a forbidden word on the left. I would apologize for using it, but I do not care about your thin skin or your stupid feelings.

Now back to liberals hating America. When I say they hate America, I don’t mean in the sense that they want to see it come crumbling to the ground. There is a certain faction on the left that would like to see this become a reality, but generally that isn’t the case. The hatred I’m talking about is one they may not even know they have. They don’t view it as anti-American because they have a warped view and understanding of America in the first place. To put it in simplest of terms - if you don’t fully understand a situation, you will not fully understand the meaning and implications of your decisions in reference to it. I understand liberals "merely have a different way to help America", but what I would argue is that their way of helping America shows a deep hatred for America. I would venture to say this is because liberals generally have a lack of historical context therefore the policies that they are advocating are often times anti-American in nature whether they intend them to be or not.

The first thing we need to define is America. It may be more or less impossible to define to its fullest extent, but ultimately the America I am referencing is the Founders view of America. Now I am not saying the Founders had everything right from the beginning because when we look back we can see serious flaws in some of the policies that existed such as slavery or the lack of women’s rights. Although it is vital to understand their policies did not lay the groundwork for the United States of America – it was their principles that did. Policies can and forever will constantly change, but throughout all of that principles will remain consistent and the left in America has been fairly hostile to these principles.

What are these principles? The rather literal ones can be found in the Constitution and more specifically the Bill of Rights. There are other implied principles that go along with these, but first let’s look at the left’s attack on those laid out in the Bill of Rights.

The First Amendment is broken down into three sections: freedom of religion, speech and press, and assemble.

Let’s start from the first – freedom of religion. We can all generally agree the government shouldn’t establish a religion, but that isn’t the controversial portion of the First Amendment. It is the following line that says government cannot prohibit the free exercise of religion. The left is at best hypocritical with this portion of the First Amendment. They will gladly defend a Muslims right to wear a hijab wherever they please, but will gladly use government force to make a Christian baker make a cake for a gay wedding. Ultimately they view “freedom of religion” as “freedom from religion”. They believe you should be able to practice whatever religion you like, but also believe you shouldn’t be able to bring that religion into other spheres of life be it politics  or business. They have an interest in using government force to suppress a person’s (really only a Christian person’s) right to freely and peacefully practice religion in public aspects of their life. They hate the fact America was designed to work contrary to this view and that at one point Americans could live like that. That my friends is inherently un-American.

The idea that the left wants to suppress speech is a blatantly obvious. Look no further then when a conservative tries to come speak on college campuses. The left seeks to “win” political and cultural debates by demonize the other side and shutting them up. They don’t believe in the American adage of disagreeing with what someone says, but defending their right to say it. Now they seek ways to punish people for what they say merely because it is contrary to their own opinions. As much as they claim to love diversity, liberals hate diversity in thought. There is a hate filled weaponized outrage industry who demands uniformity of thought and action. Once again, this is inherently un-American.

As much as they claim to hate monopolies, that is exactly what they have on the media. Surprisingly enough, they’re all for freedom of the media.

In respect to the freedom to assembly, the left has been fairly hypocritical. They are fine with people peacefully assembling (say protest a bill restricting abortion rights), but also find it acceptable to try to shut down other peaceful assemblies they disagree with (say at a Donald Trump rally). They will continue to be shocked that there are differing views than their own and refuse to grant those people whom they disagree with the same rights they themselves have.

To the Second Amendment we go. This perhaps is the left’s least favorite – the right to bear arms and form a well regulated militia. I’m not sure if I need much proof to say the left is anti – gun and anti – Second Amendment.  Liberals have an obsession with getting rid of guns that rivals America’s historic obsession with having guns. Why does America have said obsession? In case we need to pull another quick one like we did on King George in 1776. The left hates it because they know the reason it’s there is to overthrow an expanded and overbearing government that is involved in every aspect of our lives. So basically it protects people’s right to overthrow their Utopian society.

I could go on and on about the Constitutional sins that fill liberal ideology, but for now I am going to shift the focus to other principles that must go along with the Founder’s vision of America. The main principles are that of individualism and responsibility. Liberals generally hate both. These are the exact reasons they hate Capitalism (ironically the exact reasons Capitalism thrived in America). It, like the country, were based upon individualism while the liberal mantra is based upon collectivism. That’s why we see ever expanding welfare programs and “free” healthcare and “free” college. They hate this uniquely American sentiment because in their point of view it is “unfair” to those who do not work as hard or catch the same breaks. That is a perfectly good opinion to have. It is also a very anti-American opinion to have. They hate a system of virtually pure individualism because they believe government force should come in and save the day which goes against the very nature of what this country was founded on.

A book could be written on this, but this is a brief line of thinking why I say liberals hate America – whether they know it or not.


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