Sunday, October 9, 2016

/fit/ - Fitness - 4chan

/fit/ - Fitness - 4chan

>TFW 22 years old loser

>TFW never graduated highschool

>TFW no drivers license

>TFW shitty, minimum wage part time job

>TFW fat dyel

>TFW low testosterone

>TFW kissless virgin

>TFW trying to lift but it's hardly working

Please help me...

How can I become normal?
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>>39016602 (OP)

>pls help


Only you can help (You)
clean up your diet

drink more water a gallon+ a day

start doing cardio

mega dose vitamin c and d

eat a lot of eggs like a dozen+ a day
>>39016602 (OP)

Say fuck everything and just start playing soccer 24/7, harness your autism into a sport, become a legend mane


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