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Anonymous Creates a Political Party in the US

Anonymous Creates a Political Party in the US

Anonymous goes from hacktivism to political movement

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Members of the Anonymous hacktivism movement have created a new political party on the US political scene called The Humanity Party, or THumP.
The group announced their intentions through a press release put out Monday, in which they explained that the new political party will be a way of forcing change from the within, with the help of peaceful and lawful tactics.
In the press release, and in a video posted on YouTube, the group denounced many of Anonymous' famous trademarks, like the usage of the computerized voice in threatening videos to warn of impending cyber-attacks.
THumP representatives say their new mission is to represent humanity 100%, and to fight for FBNL, or the Five Basic Necessities of Life: free healthy food and water, secure and safe housing, basic clothing, health and mental care, and education.
  Although the Anonymous icon has developed a reputation of threats and cyber-terrorist practices that are counter-productive to peace and individual security, today we officially announce the unification of all people that have used the Anonymous mask and its representation to protest and stand up for change. The way that the Anonymous icon and names were used by a few, through fear and intimidation, ends today. These destructive and threatening means have never work to unite the people.  
The video then goes on to proclaim THumP the official and only voice of Anonymous but also says they won't accept donations because money corrupts.
THumP announces itself as the official voice of Anonymous

Anonymous by nature is a group without leaders. Claiming to be the official voice of the group is probably not going to go well with all the Anonymous members outside the US, who see no reason to support a US political party.
If it succeeds, THumP won't be the first political party launched online. In 2006, the Pirate Party was launched in Sweden to address the country's harsh copyright laws. The party has grown and spread to several countries and is now even represented even in the European Parliament.
Below is the group's 40-minute video announcing the creation of The Humanity Party. For more details check out its official website.



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