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Wise Method To Own Homes | Real Estate Management

Wise Method To Own Homes | Real Estate ManagementFor some people home is a valuable asset in life and often also as a measurement of a person’s success. In addition to the pride of the house as well as a place to spend time with family. The house was good, orderly, comfortable and clean is certainly a dream of all people. But there is one thing that needs to be considered in the process have a good dwelling house was bought finished or wake up from zero, the cost, or the cost to be incurred to build it. There are several ways that we need to consider in terms of cost before realizing the desire to have a house, among other things:

1. Buying a home so the (new or second), this option is lighter in terms of finance because it can be helped by banks (third parties) to cover the shortage of house purchase costs. We only provide advance only around 20% of the price of the house and the rest of the cost could be resolved in installments in the bank which gave credit facility, this method usually called the mortgage (mortgage loans).
Advantages :
– No need to bother the design problem because the house is finished.
– The house is ready for occupancy.
– Quick process
– Needs a little cash funds

Deficiency :
– Tied with the bank for a mortgage in progress
– Do not know for sure the quality of buildings
– Sometimes in need of renovation because the design is not suited to the taste.

2. Build your own home. The second option is suitable for people who have more funds. Because building a house itself has a long process, dimula by buying land, designing the house, estimated costs, determine contractor, supervision. In this long process will be easier if we have excess funds because we choose to live a bona fide architects and contractors to carry out our wishes. But if our funds are limited, we need to be a little difficult to understand the ins and outs of the building because it requires a lot of consideration to realize the dream home affordable.

Advantages :
– The design according to our tastes.
– The quality of the buildings we have set.
– Not tied to mortgages

Deficiency :
– Needs a lot of funds.
– A long process
– Need to be involved in the development process.

From the description above it would be wise if we are in the process of having a dream home involves our emotions: the ability to adjust our desires costing capabilities available. If we choose the first option do not let us choose a nice house, spacious, and strategic location but expensive, the tip ends angsuranya high value and we stopped in installments in the street. Or we choose the second option, with the funds available but limited, at build time it felt a lot of our funds and not exhausted exhausted with the passage of time we run out of funds but we have not finished building. Eventually stalled.


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