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External Influence

External Influence

Linguistic discrepancy can focus on the possibility of its origins presumably belonging to interaction with Romance Languages which use double negatives with necessity, requiring a split infinitive to separate modal verbs within a sentence. The split infinitive first likely appears after the Norman Conquest, as English came into contact with Old French producing an amalgamate Anglo Norman language. It is not found in other Germanic languages, Old Frankish is another example of romance language vernacular imbuing the split infinitive to a Germanic language; German/Deutsch still does not permit an adverb to fall between an infinitive and its particle (preposition). However, a construction which is similar, at least superficially, can be found in French and other Romance languages. Compare modern German, French, and English:
Ich beschließe, etwas nicht zu tun.
I decide not to do something.
Je décide de ne pas faire quelque chose.
I decide to not do something.
Thus it might be argued that the English split infinitive ("I decide to not do something") may have arisen under the influence of French. However, grammarians of the Romance languages do not use the term "split infinitive" to describe the phenomenon in those languages, since there the preposition is not considered a part of the infinitive form, and despite the surface-level similarity there are significant syntactical differences between the English and French constructions.

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Rush Discography

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Rush Discography

Audio > Music
1.35 GiB (1453025319 Bytes)
+2 / -10 (-8)
2007-05-20 21:41:01 GMT

This i believe is the entire rush collection.  I am not a big rush fan but this is the whole collection. Enjoy!

1. 2112
2. Caress of Steel
3. Feedback
4. Grace under Pressure
5. Hold your Fire
6. Permanent Waves
7. Presto
8. Roll the Bones
8. Signals
9. Test for Echo
10. A farewell to kings
11. counterparts
12. Fly by night
13. Hemispheres
14. Moving Pictures
15. Power Windows
16. R30 Live
17. Rush
18. Snakes and Arrows
19. Vapor Trails

This also includes the new album Snakes and Arrows.  

Detailed artist information

Albums by artist

  • [non-album tracks]


What the hellassballs. This torrent is broken. Seriously, you suck.
Downloading atm. Hope this one works..
Nice seed guys! Keep up the good work :D

All albums have a bitrate of 192 EXCEPT Snakes and Arrows, which is all over the place.

Great torrent, guys, but I got Snakes and Arrows somewhere else.

Dude, seriously, this is a great torrent, and I'm not calling you out, but I gotta say that you need to fucking learn how to properly title each file and embed art into each album, especially with huge torrents like this.

You do not know how long it fucking took me to re-label each track and add art work, by fucking hand.

you should re-post your fixed version of this so we all don't have to do same

Rush will only gets a fraction of the actual money made by there albums

The ones that produced are geting all the cash
Thanks,for this collection >>>>> please seed
Thanx for the download
Not even close to all the songs, dude...
Awesome torrent. Looses points though for the lack of titles and not including artwork.

You really shouldn't be doing that by hand. Look up MusicBrainz and download the pircard music tagger. It takes fingerprints or tags and looks up a large database for correct tag information.

It even does coverart but there needs to be an Amazon entry for it (Or another source of album art that has agreed to MusicBrainz linking them, I don't think Wikipedia even does yet though ?

Otherwise if you have the correct tags, you can generally use another program to scrape the album art in (iTunes does it for you Window/Mac people, for Linux there is Album Cover Art Downloader, Amarok has some stuff too, not sure if it embeds it into the mp3 though).
Snakes and Ladders is VBR (Variable bit rate). You get higher quality for size, but with the possibility of incompatibility with older players (most work fine though). This is generally the preferred method of mp3 compression. The NFO also lists it as being compressed with LAME which is the preferred encoder.

I just ran this disography through MusicBrainz Picard and it worked fairly well. Since there seem to be no tags whatsoever on anything audio fingerprinting was needed and some of the songs where detected as belonging to "best of" style albums so there is some human intervention required. There seems to be album art for everything though ?
Exit, stage left
If you want a crapload of rush tunes, then this'll do fine, but if you really care about organizing your library or having the live albums, get another torrent. Seriously, the tags are all mixed up or missing so that it takes hours to fix, and the torrent is missing Vapor Trails, All the World's a Stage, Exit...Stage Left, A Show of Hands, Different Stages, and Rush in Rio. Thanks for the torrent bobv, the music's great, but it should be MUCH better organized...
Just uploaded this discography properly tagged and organized so all you guys don't have to go through the trouble. It took about an hour but they're fixed and nice and neat, now.

Comment and tell me what you guys think!
Is this really their full discography? I DO believe they have at least 32, not 19 albums.
corrupteddevil, you're the one who sucks. This torrent works smoothly. You're a n00b that never handled a torrent before. stfugtfo

thats the fixed version so you don't have to update the tags... it also skips the singles that are included in albums and stupid jpgs... and skipps R30 Live.
These are the Rush remaster's.Sounds very good,but the songs isn't tagged.
But almost,a great torrent.
Hey man, good torrent. But for real next time you do something like this. Make the tracks right. It's gonna take me an hour to get this right.
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The Altar of the Legion

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Netherlands To Enact Law That Ensures Net Neutrality

The Netherlands To Enact Law That Ensures Net Neutrality

The Netherlands To Enact Law That Ensures Net Neutrality
9th June 2011
The Netherlands might be a tiny country, but when it comes to broadband, it is one that likes to make big moves.  It had been quick to embrace fiber broadband. It was early to the idea of gigabit per second connectivity. And now it is enacting a law that guarantees “net neutrality” for its citizens.
The country’s telecom law was amended yesterday, to ensure free access, according to the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation. In addition to the wired Internet, the new amendment will ensure network neutrality is extended to the mobile network and services such as Skype are allowed to work without interference.
The new amendment should be welcome news for folks such as Sir Tim Berners-Lee, who has been lobbying for net neutrality to be enshrined in the law. The European Union, of which Netherlands is a member, however has been a bit meh about these issues so far.

Internet censorship in the United States

Internet censorship

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Magic mushrooms

Magic mushrooms


The many health benefits are what's really magical about mushrooms

While mushrooms are best known for their delicious and sometimes hallucinogenic properties, there is much more to the capped forest-growers than meets the mouth.

While mushrooms are best known for their delicious and sometimes hallucinogenic properties, there is much more to the capped forest-growers than meets the mouth.

Photograph by: Glenn Baglo, Vancouver Sun

Mushrooms could save the world.
It’s a bold statement, but one that award-winning mycologist Paul Stamets stands firmly behind. The innovative ecologist will share some of his findings June 11 and 12 in a workshop at Foxglove Farms on Saltspring Island.
While mushrooms are best known for their delicious and sometimes hallucinogenic properties, there’s much more to the capped forest-growers than meets the mouth.
Stamets, who has studied the fungi for more than 30 years, says mushrooms can clean up toxic waste and oil spills, provide antidotes to human diseases, initiate rapid habitat restoration and more.
He sees human and environmental health as intimately linked. “Habitats and humans share immune systems,” says Stamets, “and mycelium are the cellular bridges between the two.”
This week he’s hunting the Gulf Islands for an endangered mushroom that could be used as a powerful defence tool against international pandemics.
Agarikon is the oldest mushroom in the world and it’s native to old-growth forests. Swelling out of conifers, hidden on uninhabited islands, the beehive-shaped fungus was known in ancient Greece as the “elixir of long life.” Today it shows strong anti-E. coli properties.
“We share in common some of the same pathogens that affect mushrooms,” says Stamets from Cortes Island. “Mushrooms have evolved to prevent many parasites from killing them.”
Stamets takes the tiniest fingernail-sized sample when he finds one, adding it to a genetic bank of research. Twenty-five per cent of profits raised at his workshop will be reinvested in research such as this.
As a trailblazer in his field, Stamets has earned many awards, including National Geographic Adventure Magazine’s Green-O-Vator and Argosy Foundation’s E-chievement Award. He was named one of the Utne Reader’s 50 Visionaries of the Year in 2008.
Stamets has discovered five new species, as well as authored six books on the topic including his latest, Mycelium Running: How Mushrooms Can Help Save the World and Growing Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms.
He also holds more than a dozen patents on mushroom-related technologies.
One such patent, by far his most revolutionary, he says, is based upon a mushroom that could replace chemical insecticides. “It could revolutionize the way we deal with insects in terms of controlling their migrations, stopping them from eating buildings and preventing mosquitoes from carrying malaria and other diseases,” he says. “I’ve really established my position in history as making a major contribution to science. It’s something I’m very proud of.”
But the environmental entrepreneur has faced some barriers to advancing his technologies. “The U.S. patent office is very reluctant to give these patents because they’re paradigm-shifting,” he says.
Stamets, who calls Washington’s Olympic Peninsula home, has gained increasing fame after participating in the TED Talk series, which hosts short lectures from experts in varied fields.
“I feel like we’re piercing the envelope and bringing fungi, mushrooms and mycelium to the forefront of human consciousness,” he says. “These organisms can repair a lot of the damage we’ve inflicted on nature.”
Stamets says attendees at the Foxglove Farms workshop can look forward to an announcement involving a “major affirmation” of his research.


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