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Exclusive: 'Fringe' picked up for a third season

Exclusive: 'Fringe' picked up for a third season

Sci-fi fans who may be concerned about the state of the genre on network TV (we’re looking at you, V and FlashForward) have at least one reason to rejoice: EW has learned exclusively that Fox has picked up Fringe for a third season. Though the show isn’t exactly blowing the roof off of Nielsen — it’s been averaging just 7.6 million viewers and is ranked No. 50 in the all-important adults 18-49 demographic this season — it managed to survive in a tough new time period on Thursdays. The show returns with new episodes — and the promise of more visits from Leonard Nimoy and to the parallel universe — on April 1.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

  A few years ago I slowly began to realize that I have been a victim of prejudice. It has been occurring my whole life and somehow I didn’t realize it. Millions of others similar to myself have also suffered because of it. It is the most widespread approved of prejudice in the world today. Huge sums of money are created because of it. North America is the center of it, but it happens everywhere. You have probably contributed to it, along with millions of others., and yet I am the first one that I know of who has spoken out against it.
It’s a quiet prejudice. No one yells at us. It’s a strange prejudice, because we are judged inferior by our looks, and yet the racists try to mimic our appearance. Our men, women, and children are judged everyday because of it, and no one thinks they are wrong, except us, and we do not say anything. We are being nice, instead of good.

I’ll give you a little quiz. Which of the following is done everyday.
· Someone has a basketball game to play so they cover themselves with brown shoe polish to be a better player.
· Someone has to do their taxes so they slant their eyes to look Asian so that they’re able to do math better.
· Someone wants to look sexy or freaky so they dye their hair yellow, because everyone knows Blondes are wacko.
  The first two would be seen as prejudicial against a group of people. The third example is done every day. It’s so common that it’s truth is not even doubted. It is not even a thought to be wondered about. The stereotype is as complete as any stereotype ever was.
  Not only is it tolerated, but it’s accepted and encouraged. Yet no woman or man dyes their hair yellow to gain positive qualities. It is done to gain an image of bad qualities. These Dye-jobs ‘know’ what the image is. Prostitutes look more sluttish, and their customers tell them they are. Bimbos need it for that bimbo look. Homosexuals look more funish, Dopers look more dopey, and Bitches look bitchier. Rednecks wives look more redneck in their giant yellow boufounts. Transvestites always slap on a yellow wig to look like the dye-job movie star they’re mimicking. Then there’s the goofy half yellow with black roots look. I don’t know what that is. Perhaps it's just proof of membership in the club.
  None of these people dye their hair to look more intelligent. I smiled myself as I wrote that, and I have a pretty high IQ. None of them are trying to promote the idea of Scandinavians as better people or yellow hair as a sign of good character. They are using it as a symbol for their own mental problems. It is a symbol of a club they wish to join, while ignoring those given it from birth. They use it to be a freak, while denying that they are freaks.

  Part of this attitude is the fault of Scandinavians. We do nothing to promote this blond hair as a racial characteristic, or to establish it , or even to be aware of ourselves as a racial type. We are constantly told that we are just ‘white’, both by ourselves and by other racial groups.
  Racists love the word white. "The White Race is this or that", they say, as if we gave them the power of attorney to speak for all of us. They feel comforted to be part of a big undetermined group called White. They swing it like a club. They expect us all to be blindly on their side solely because of skin shading. This makes other racists say "whites are bad" as if we all got together to do the bad deeds of a few.
  I have some bad news for both of these teams. There is no such thing as a white race! Furthermore, I have looked on maps and in old atlases and there is no country called White, and there never was. Nor was there a religion by that name.
 How this idea got started is a good question. Certainly it made no sense for Europeans to call each other white. They are all whitish and yet they have been fighting each other for thousands of years. They fought each other more than any other group.
  Perhaps when the people from Europe had been in North America for a while they had some reason to deny that they were European, and their light skin proved to be the only common point they could come up with. Then when darker skinned types showed up there was no choice but to be prejudiced against them. Or maybe it was the opposite. Perhaps the various non-european groups came up with the name as a derogatory way to speak of their new neighbors.
  Here in North America there is no race, yet. So far the people have just been on an extended camping trip away from their ancestors home countries. Personally, I don’t think it ever will develop one. Modern society won’t allow the calm isolation needed for one to gel. 'White' is just a substitute. Perhaps the white racists are just jealous of all those who have a race to be part of. Denying their past has left them diminished.
  I think we all need a past to give us some kind of foundation. Italians know of their past, and a certain amount of their language. So do Jews, Chinese, Egyptians, Africans, and dozens of other races and cultures. For some reason we Scandinavians have become so unknowing about our past.
  If asked, all I knew was that about a thousand years ago there were Vikings. They were all men. They rowed around and had swords and had no home life, which was kind of funny because they were always taking away women to somewhere. For some reason the word got out that they glued cow horns to their heads. One day they all disappeared and were never seen again.
  You may be amazed that most of this is wrong. A little research uncovered that there are females who had Viking ancestors, and some of those ancestors were also women. These Norse people had normal lives. Most were farmers. Their religion said nothing about pillaging. Instead, it required that they fight evil here on earth to get to Valhalla. They didn’t disappear. Scandinavia is plum full of them, and there are a few in other parts of the world too.
  You may find this strange if you have heard the official version of Vikings. Remember though, that these history books were written by their enemies, or victims, if you like. These were rich people who had been obeyed from birth and did not like outsiders dumping them on their asses. The stories they wrote never told the Vikings side. The Norse did have a written language called Runes. Unfortunately they did most of their writing on wood, which rotted away over the centuries. Most of what we know of them was retold verbally over the centuries, and I guess they weren’t too interested in Public Relations.
  It’s interesting to note that all the stories of the ancient Mediterranean cultures are Iliad’s and Odysseys, full of heroes, while ancient Norse are just plunderers. Do you really think an army invaded Troy and attacked it for 20 years only to help some guy get his wife back? They were there to take stuff home. The Vikings were the same. Only the official version was different. I doubt that they were Evil. I’m not saying no women were taken, but I have a feeling that just like sports groupies and authority groupies nowadays, there were plenty of Viking groupies to choose from back then. Some people seem to have an attraction to blondes.
  Many things you know of in our world would sound familiar to the Norse. Their religion had an underworld called the Underworld, and Hel was in charge of it. Hel was a beautiful woman at the top, turning to rotten flesh lower down. She survived off of those who didn’t die a noble death. ( If she’s still around she must be pretty fat nowadays.)
  Loki was full of lies and trickery. Despite constantly doing evil he was never punished too harshly. He once made Thors' wifes' hair fall out and had to replace it with living fine spun gold, before Thor could kill him. Eventually he killed Balder, the god of light and truth, and was banished. There, he wills his evil into the hearts and minds of all people.
  Probably, none of them thought cows’ horns were any more scary than we do. ( Run! It’s a bunch of cows with swords! Aaaghh!! ) In fact, the cow horns idea is a modern prejudice, not a historical one. It has only appeared in the last hundred years, along with the spread of the dye-jobs.
  Over fifty thousand English words came from Scandinavia, including wife, and yegg, I mean egg. Four others your might know are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. These are days named after Norse gods. (I think the other days are named after roman gods.) Strange that there is no Moses day or Jesus day in our calendar. What kind of strange quirk made these names the choice for the days of the week in a christian world? I wonder if the other religions know they are honoring pagan gods?
  Tuesday is Tyr’s day, the god of war. Woden, or Odin, is next. He’s the head god. He once had an adventure to be able to see into the future, and then was dismayed to see that Evil would eventually win the world from Good. Thor is the god of thunder, and of comic book heroes, I think. Friday is in honor of Freya, the goddess of love. This was probably the origin of the phrase "Thank god it’s Freyday!!"
  Old schoolbooks say the Vikings disappeared when they turned Christian. Somehow, Christianity just instantly mellowed them out, dude. Right. Just like all those other medieval Christians like the Crusaders, Conquistadors, and Anglo-Saxons. Christianity didn’t seem to mellow any group since the 3rd century. So did the Norse stop being Vikings or were they ever ‘Vikings’ to begin with?
  If so, what happened to those people? A thousand years ago Blond men were murderous savages, and yet now they are weak, wimpy, cowardly, weird, freaks or faggots. That’s quite a dramatic genetic change! Perhaps the originals were taken away on a UFO and replaced with new variety bred for niceness.
  Where did blond people come from in the first place?
  Scientists say that the ancient Norse became blond and blue eyed because they lived in the snow throughout an ice age, and then in areas with long winters. Somehow the snow ‘bleached’ them. If that is true then how do they explain the North American Indian, and the Inuit, and Sami, and the natives of Siberia? They all lived through an ice age in a winter climate, and frankly, I can’t see the least bit of blond in them.
 Is our coloring a genetic adaptation, or just a racial trait? Asians have ‘almond eyes’ and flatter faces., but what function does it serve? Does it help them with math? No. Perhaps appearance can be deceiving.
  As I said at the beginning, I became fully aware of this slowly. Originally the extent of this prejudice wasn’t really apparent. Once in awhile somebody would tell a "blond joke" right in front of me, barely concealing their joy at the idiotic actions in the subject of their anecdote, and then wonder at my blank response. But of course they didn’t mean me. I’m a guy. All blond jokes are also assumed to be about our women. This makes them sexist as well as racist.
 Years later, once I started to look at it I realized that these attitudes were spreading all over. They came over fax machines, the radio, and in the newspaper. TV lives by them, in every show on every channel. One columnist in the local Sun newspaper is positively addicted to them, and he looks light haired himself.
  Then, there came a period of a few months when I was pounded on the head by repetitive instances. In a bar a waitress forget my drink and said that she must have had a blond moment. As she was brown haired I told her she must have had a brunette moment instead, and she looked insulted for some reason. Soon after I was in my car at an unusual time and heard the DJ say that this weeks "blond moments contest" was about to air. Contestants would phone in and tell how they did something stupid, like a blond would do.
  This was a blow to me that finally made me overcome my inertia. I phoned around to government agencies to find out who to complain to. I spoke to an East Indian and with an admittedly trembling voice told him the story. He thought about it and said it sounded racist to him, but not his department. If it was an individual or printed matter that was one thing , but since it came over the airwaves it was the Broadcast Standards Council I needed. After phoning them and being held and shuffled around they sent me the forms from one end of the country and I had to send them to the capital at the other end.
  In my complaint I pointed out several points mentioned already along with my opinion that I doubted that people tell blond jokes in Scandinavia. I pointed out that no one has lazy African or sneaky Asian contests. I wondered about the effect that this type of general attitude would have on blond kids, especially the girls. Many millions of them are exposed to this training daily. A blond girl might think about being a doctor but the television and other media constantly tells her she has to grow up to be a stupid slut. The same shows tell others how to treat the blondes, and so soon everyone they meet follows the script.
  About a month later the response came from the radio station. Basically they said that they didn’t do it, and they promise they wouldn’t do it again, so please forget the whole thing. They also said that they were only giving the listeners a chance to laugh at themselves. Did they verify that all the contestants were Scandinavian? If they weren’t, then they were not laughing at themselves, they were trying to win a contest prize in exchange for humiliating people born blond. They get the profit while we get the burden.
  It sounded as if they were blaming me for not having a sense of humour. I wrote back to the BSC and said this and asked rhetorically if Blacks laugh at nigger jokes, or if women who are raped are at fault because they didn’t want to enjoy it when someone wanted to screw with them. The media equates blondness with weirdness, and so the truly weird dye their hair and thereby create a self-fulfilling proof to the media and the world. Many middle age men think blond means bimbo and most bimbos think blond means bimbo as well.
  As this process was moving along the radio station renamed the contest "embarrass yourself". People with different ancestors must have wanted to show they were stupid too.
  About this time I wrote to the newspaper and asked them to stop with the blond jokes, or to rename them ‘bleached-blondes’, or maybe ‘columnists wife’ jokes. There was no response and no change either. Perhaps they didn’t want to insult anyone.
  A few months passed. One day I was walking into a washroom in a park when an early teen began his comedy routine for his friends. When I came out I was dismayed to hear that it consisted of nothing but blond jokes he had memorized. The girl who laughed the most had dyed hair the color of a hi-liner. The one who didn’t was naturally light haired.
  He continued on with this blond man standing right in front of him. A few of the others picked up on this. Most didn’t. Finally I spoke up and tried to say calmly that if the jokes were about Blacks or Jews it would be wrong to be telling them, and that blond hair is the birthmark of people too, no matter what the TV says. I should have also told him that the best comedians make fun of themselves, not other people, but it was my first time speaking out on the subject to a group, and I was a little clouded.
  As I turned to go there stood a full grown idiot glaring at me. His hair was yellow on top and black underneath, giving it the appearance of a used paintbrush. He must of heard me speak and was looking at me as if I had insulted him. There was a brief urge to bust him in the mouth, but I didn’t want the kids to think I was a weirdo or something. After I left, did the kids think about what was said, or laugh at my back?
   Soon after a letter came by courier. It was six pages of decision by the Council. They repeated the whole story and then quoted the Code of Ethics, Clause 2 (Human Rights)

Recognizing that every person has a right to full and equal recognition and to enjoy certain fundamental rights and freedoms, broadcasters shall endeavor to ensure, to the best of their ability, that their programming contains no abusive or discriminatory material or comment which is based on matters of race, national or ethnic origin, color, religion, age, sex, marital status or physical or mental handicap.

 This sounded good to me so far. However they went on to say that my complaint did not violate any of those things. Having Scandinavian ancestors is not racial, national, or ethnic, or a matter of color!
  They went on to say that not all blondes are Scandinavian. I suppose there are several European types that have blondes amongst them. I could argue that these people all had Norse blood in their past, but let’s say they’re right. Still, all people born blond were born blond, right? Why should they be laughed at because of it?
Some Europeans are capable of getting a dark tan, yet they do not become African. Many Black people have never been in Africa. Does this refute that Africans are know by their skin color? Can I call these people by racial slurs, since they are not African? Is an African born in the states not a member of the black race?
Not all french speakers are French, and yet they say that speaking French is proof of a culture.
  They went on to say that hair color is not specifically protected, and the nearest example was a ruling concerning homosexuals stating that it was a "deeply personal characteristic that is either unchangeable or changeable only at unacceptable personal costs." I don't really see the meaning of this, but the Council did not think this applied to blond hair either.
  You may notice that homosexuals have been ruled more rights under the law than my race! I did, just as I notice being judged as one of them because I have blond hair. I mean, why else would I have blond hair? I must be homosexual.
  Homosexuals, which I see as a white boys club with no ethnic or race connection, have given testimony that they are special. Well, We have evidence to the same effect. It’s there on top of our heads! Genetic proof of our uniqueness! It is a personal characteristic that cannot be changed without personal costs!
  I have the feeling that the council members are saying that if I don’t like how the dye-jobs have corrupted the image of my race then I should dye my hair black to look like the dye-jobs race. If that isn’t government logic I don’t know what is. I like my ancestors and want to be part of their ethnic origin. Besides, there really is no other honest choice, is there?
  The council then said having blond hair was an occupation or profession. An occupation! I think they may be confusing Scandinavians with the prostitutes they visit. If being blond is an occupation then I am owed several decades backpay, because I have been doing it for free. If any of you other blondes out there are being paid please tell me what form to fill out. (The overtime will be a killer!)
  To refute these ridiculous decisions, I can think of many examples of hair as an identifier. Do you know what group uses black hair hidden by a small beanie type hat? How about curly black hair, or straight black hair in braids with a feather? Monks shave their heads to show they are in a particular group, and soldiers get a pig shave for the same reason. Hair has been used as a signifier for millenia. Yet most of the above are only haircuts, not an appearance given from birth.
  If the dye-jobs aren’t copying us then why did they choose yellow hair? They could have said pink hair for prostitutes, blue for bimbos, green for light hearted men, and so on. It isn’t random. They know the image of blondes covers all weirdness. Our women are giggly slut bimbos, and the men are weak doper fags. The dye-jobs can be as weird as they wanna be, and tell themselves it’s the hair that doing it, not them.
  The council finished up by ruling that nothing bad had happened, and bolstered their point of view by pointing out that the song ‘Achtung Baby’ was not a nazi song. I don’t what that means. I would like to comment on this council but Clause 2 says I can’t make fun of the mentally handicapped.
  So round 1 is over. It’s open season for blond jokes! They are now government approved and they have me to thank for it! Blond people have no past and apparently have been hatched in a laboratory or something. Silly me, thinking we were part of the Human Race.

  A few days later I had a pleasant surprise. There was a small article on page C5 of a local newspaper. The Canadian Press had picked up the result of my complaint and gave an eight paragraph synopsis. They even tried to contact the radio station, but no executives were available for comment. This was unexpected and delightful. I realized that filing the complaint, and the story in the paper, have at least spread the word to people who haven’t thought of it before.

  I can understand their desire to do nothing about this. Nothing is always easier. Doing something is hard, and you can easily see how big this thing has to get to be finished. The dye-jobs are everywhere. Dye companies make fortunes off of them. Hollywood is dye-job central. Politicians wives are dye-jobs, and their hookers as well. They are in government offices and businesses. Some probably work at the watchdogs where I sent my complaint. Yellow hair is backed by big bucks. Yellow hair is too big for the Regional Council to bark at.
  Many years ago there used to be entertainment called minstrel shows. In them, black faced performers did various comedy and dancing routines. The truth is that none of them were actually Blacks, partly because it was felt that Africans didn’t know how to act like ‘proper blacks’. They weren’t able to portray the stereotype as everyone wanted to see. What the dye-jobs are doing now is a yellow minstrel show, performing the parts that no blonde person would do ‘properly’.
 It’s an odd prejudice really. The media always shows blondes in a bad light, and yet millions of people want to dye their hair to look like us. Is this a comment about society, or people? Do they hate themselves as well as us?
  In a way, they complementing us. By dyeing their hair they are saying they wish they had our ancestors instead of theirs. They think we are so much prettier than them they want to resemble us. Our women are so much more pretty than theirs.We are so much more talented than them they need to pretend they are us. They are racists against their own race!
  Then they get it all wrong and portray us with every bad quality they had before the bleach. Dye-job women have the lowest morals and the biggest mouths, which is exactly the opposite of the genuine article. Then they become annoyed when the real thing doesn’t act like the copy. The image in the mirror can’t change their character, I guess. Perhaps they need brain bleach instead.

  Recently a motorcycle company came out with a bike that has Freya on the side of it. (Besides being the goddess of love, she is also head of the Valkyrs.) There she is with long flowing hair, a youthful face, and cow horns coming out of her skull. Hey guys, are you respecting or insulting her? Why are you using a religious symbol to sell bikes? Oh well, I suppose they are going to say it is the perfect bike for Friday. By the way, be sure to wear your helmet. Valkyrie means ‘chooser of the dead’, not ‘fabulous babe’.
  I’ve spoken to a few types of people about this whole thing, and their support seems to be based on how much their group dye their hair. East Indians are the most agreeable to it. I have also never seen an East Indian with dyed hair. They seem to be content with their ancestors. European based types are the worst, and they dye the most. A few Asians do it, and some North American Indians, but the next highest group is the American Blacks. I find that strange, based on their own history of racist discrimination.
  When I started writing this down I went out into the Internet to find anything similar. I didn’t. A search for Norse brings up Vikings. Vikings brings up Norse. Scandinavia gives me vacation information. Blond tells me how to dye my hair. I know others feel the same way, so where are they?
  Why haven’t we got any kind of lobbying going on? Every tiny splinter group these days has organized themselves to bend politicians ears, but not us. Where are we? Too timid? Too stupid? We need to get something going. We have to spread the word, then sue. Sure it’s whining, but it’s a Whiner World these days. There are Rights to be won, and big bucks as well. From the Hair Dye pushers to the Screen Actors Guild; who portrays us as weirdo’s, all the worst offenders are loaded. The spread of blond stereotyping coincides perfectly with the rise of Hollywood. Their money has been made at our expense, and we should tear it loose from them. Just like our ancestors, we should take the only thing they love: Money.
  Okay, all you blond haired people out there. Do you realize what is happening? Are you being judged by the media image instead of yourself? Should the dye-jobs continue to dictate who we are? Have you been acting as you think blondes are supposed to act or have you been altering your persona to veer far away from any behavior remotely like the stereotype? Do you realize that other people have been judging you because of the hair you were born with? It’s difficult for us to be identified as a race when the dye-jobs may outnumber us.
Now, you Scandinavian people out there all over the world. Can you see that you are part of a culture that is almost lost? Will you make an effort to keep your ancestors alive? We are not "White" and We are not European. We are an ethnic race as much as an of the others, with our own quirks and prides. The dye-jobs and their masters don’t care about their ancestors, or ours.
  So, to all the rest of you. Are you capable of seeing what I am talking about? Do the dye jobs in your office outnumber the Scandinavians? I know your personnel offices always have some. They judge us when we apply for jobs. Can you see that there is no such thing as a white race? The word is only a tool for the racists. Can you see your guilt, and admit it? Will you help or hinder.
  Do you think I have been harsh? Have I said some things that seem racist? Good. At least I’ve caught your attention. These ideas must have been said before by others, but they must have been said to damn politely. If you have a race so must I. Dye-jobs are no race, and have no culture. They are a Product, and I can like products or hate them. I will say whatever I want about them. I have been the victim of racism, and I’m sick of it.


What's with all the fucking racist black people?

What's with all the fucking racist black people? (7294 hits)

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Submitted by (View user info) at 2004-01-23 19:56:27 EST

It seems to me that black people are more racist. Just the fact that their always bitching about racism is racist. I believe fully in equality. I don't give a damn what happened to your people so far in the past. It didn't happen to YOU and wasn't done by ME. Every fucking race on the planet has been enslaved at some time or another. And it was black people that sold their own race anyway. Quit bitching, we're all equal. If I saw a white person saying to black people the kind of shit black people say to whites, I'd fucking slap him upside the head too. Some guy yelled at me the other day for not taking the initiative to give mah nigga MLKJ a holla. I said fuck you man, I LOVE MLKJ. I'm so happy he decided to invent black people. Yes sir! And remember, I'm not racist, I'm BlackJesus.

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Submitted by BlackJesus (user info) at 2004-01-24 12:46:18 EST (#)
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Yesterday a black lad cut me in the line for french fries. I called him a racist for thinking he could step in front of me just because I was white. What a fucking lunatic! HOPE YOU LIKE IT USED ON YOU!

Submitted by Voodoo_Child (user info) at 2004-01-24 12:15:35 EST (#)
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you put some points acros but to be fair for they are old views.

Submitted by BlackJesus (user info) at 2004-01-23 23:29:39 EST (#)
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I very much understand that they have a right to bitch, but still..they're not the only ones to have been enslaved. And it IS racist how many of them act. Fuck, I want a White Entertainment Television channel. WET sounds soo much better than BET. OH WAIT..THAT WOULD BE RACIST!

Submitted by domenad (user info) at 2004-01-23 23:17:52 EST (#)
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There are more white people enslaved right now in Eastern Europe than at any time during the "peculiar institution" colloquially known as slavery here in the Americas. The new slavery for blacks is that of victimhood, and it's self-imposed. It's really sad - originally blacks had to be whipped onto the plantation. Now they voluntarily chain themselves there. Nice.

Submitted by BlackJesus (user info) at 2004-01-23 21:57:08 EST (#)
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"That just may be the funniest thing I've ever read in my entire life."

Oh GOD. That is just pathetic. I don't even need to insult you, you've done quite the job insulting yourself with that one. Wow.

Submitted by seanfogy (user info) at 2004-01-23 21:47:15 EST (#)
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Submitted by BlackJesus (user info) at 2004-01-23 21:21:57 (#)
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"this is a tired subject created in hopes of most heated."

Not at all. I have absolutely no hopes of most heated. This is me giving my ideas for your viewing pleasure and awaiting idiotic members to prove their idiocy so that I may calmy show them how retarded there are in fact.

HAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA. That just may be the funniest thing I've ever read in my entire life. Where do you come up with this shit? I must say, you are probably the best thing to be cultivated from the retard farm since McBain.

Submitted by BlackJesus (user info) at 2004-01-23 21:21:57 EST (#)
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"this is a tired subject created in hopes of most heated."

Not at all. I have absolutely no hopes of most heated. This is me giving my ideas for your viewing pleasure and awaiting idiotic members to prove their idiocy so that I may calmy show them how retarded there are in fact.

Submitted by Batsu (user info) at 2004-01-23 21:15:16 EST (#)
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"Submitted by Tom (user info) at 2004-01-23 20:54:08 (#)
Ranking: -2

Well it's nice that you aren't racist and all (even though this post had a racist spunk by your logic....which currently confuses me) but it was executed poorly."

Tom always goes around saying how "this and that" could be written better, let's see you try without plagirizing. No one has to write a thread with professional results you moron. The point of the thread was cleary expressed without needing further improvements. You ever heard of short and sweet? Put up or shut up motherfucker.

Submitted by Tom (user info) at 2004-01-23 20:54:08 EST (#)
Ranking: -2

Well it's nice that you aren't racist and all (even though this post had a racist spunk by your logic....which currently confuses me) but it was executed poorly.

Submitted by seanfogy (user info) at 2004-01-23 20:40:39 EST (#)
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ok. you want a better reason?

this is a tired subject created in hopes of most heated.

and dont bring scared business to me. you come to my house. i run shit. i kill for nothin

I'll shoot you down kid. dont bring that shit.

Hold up. Is that that nigga? Is this the illest nigga in nebraska?

Submitted by BlackJesus (user info) at 2004-01-23 20:27:25 EST (#)
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seanfogy, you cowardly bitch, give me a better fucking reason for that -2.

Submitted by BlackJesus (user info) at 2004-01-23 20:22:35 EST (#)
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Submitted by seanfogy (user info) at 2004-01-23 20:19:50 EST (#)
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Submitted by BlackJesus (user info) at 2004-01-23 20:19:36 EST (#)
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I gotta give me some credit though. My hands were busy with squattail's sister so I had to type all this shit with my friggin chin.


From the Stone Age down into the Middle Ages, the color of your skin was not what made you a slave. Most slaves in Europe and West Asia were white, and most black people were free (most white people were free too, and some black people were slaves). People became slaves in a lot of different ways. Often soldiers or their families who were captured in war (prisoners of war) were sold as slaves, as a way of raising money for the winning side. So many people who had once been free later became slaves. Another way many people became slaves was by getting into debt. If you owed somebody money and you could not pay it, he or she could make you a slave and sell you to get the money.
Sometimes free people sold their children into slavery, because they needed money and could not afford to take care of their children. Sometimes people sold themselves into slavery, because they could not feed themselves any other way. And if your mother was a slave, then you were automatically a slave also.

Submitted by Kracka (user info) at 2004-01-23 20:17:52 EST (#)
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i am not racist i hate ALL niggers, spics, backwood rednecks and crackers, oh yeah and chinks.

Submitted by Ninjaburger (user info) at 2004-01-23 20:13:33 EST (#)
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you make some good points... and i've noticed everything you've said in my dorm.

Someone stated earlier that this could have been written better, I agree..

Submitted by DJMattB241 (user info) at 2004-01-23 20:07:54 EST (#)
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this point could have been written so so SO much better.

Submitted by squattail (user info) at 2004-01-23 20:00:01 EST (#)
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Who enslaved the white man? Don't say the Ancient Egyptians either.

Homer: I'm a bad father!

Selma: You're also fat!

Homer: I'm also fat!

Saturdays of Thunder

Should Black Bigots Be Tolerated?

Should Black Bigots Be Tolerated?
By Luke Visconti - Feb 23, 2009
Keywords: racism, racists, bigotry, bigot, Black issues, civil-rights era, civil rights

I am a white woman asking a question. I am not racist--never have been. A person is a person to me and I have raised my daughter that way. My question is "Why are so many Black Americans racist toward whites?" My daughter goes to school in a mixed community. I could send her to private school, but I feel it is important that she learn to cope with the real world. In the school that she goes to, it seems that the Black students are aggressive toward the white students. Why? I know there is anger because of the past, but why treat whites the way they would not want to be treated and have fought against all these years? We made no decisions in the times when Blacks were mistreated [and] we believe in equality--so why can't we be given the same respect? This is a question asked by many people I know. I was hoping maybe you could give me an honest answer.

Now don't get me wrong--not all Black Americans are like this. We have many friends that are not interested in keeping racism alive in either direction--Black and white. So why do some choose to act in such a way? Do they not realize that this attitude is one of the things that keeps racism alive? Thank you.

Thank you for your question and the courage it took to put it on the table.
I would expect to find an equal percentage of Black-American bigots as white bigots. (Click here to read "Why the 'B' in 'Black' Is Capitalized at DiversityInc.") What Black Americans don't have, in most cases, is a societal, condoned way of expressing it--because white people are the majority.

This is why it's more accurate to use the words "bigot" or "bigots" in your question than "racist" or "racists." Racism is based on an oppressor/oppressed relationship. The majority culture can be racist toward the minority culture, but the opposite cannot be true. Everyone, however, can be a bigot.

Black Americans are more likely to understand that bigotry (and other forms of unjustified hatred based on a person's identity, such as sexism, homophobia or discrimination against people with disabilities) exacts a reciprocal penalty. There is an economic penalty and there is a psychological penalty.

Frederick Douglass described the psychological penalty eloquently in his concise description of how the corrosive effect of living with slavery destroyed the lives of his white enslavers in Annapolis (in his autobiography, My Bondage and My Freedom). This is an extreme example but it works to illustrate the point.

I believe an intimate (victim's) awareness of the destructive nature of hate is why the overwhelming majority of Americans who fought for equal rights (for all Americans) were Black. I want everyone to think very carefully about this: Retribution would have been a race war. Dr. King was absolute in his dedication to nonviolent protests!

Most white Americans would say that the civil-rights era mostly benefited Black people. It didn't. By economic measurement, we can prove that the civil-rights era benefited ALL Americans by freeing the economic engine of formerly oppressed people--the growth in our consumer economy and the reigning economic supremacy of this country over 95 percent of the world's population that ISN'T American over the past 40 years rests on those shoulders.

I'm sorry for the long preamble, but now I'll get to your question.

What I think you're experiencing is a system that has failed to punish bigotry and therefore has promoted it. Please understand that it does not take an active program to promote something in order to be successful in doing just that.

You SHOULD demand equal respect and demand proper management from your school board. I would enlist the help of your Black friends. There should be zero tolerance of race-based bigotry. Human nature is tribal--when a group reaches 20 percent, it begins to act as a (small) majority tribe. The blunt truth of tribal behavior is that our base instinct is to kill the competitive tribe. That's why EVERYONE needs diversity training--and everyone, especially in a school setting, should be held accountable for biased behavior.

I will note, however, that you need to be very careful. Most diversity training I see is garbage. What is very possible, however, is to enforce behavior codes equally--and, in your case, I would suggest adjudication and/or advice via a very diverse committee.

Ex-wife criticizes Mandela to UK newspaper

Ex-wife criticizes Mandela to UK newspaper
JOHANNESBURG — Nelson Mandela's ex-wife has bitterly criticized the 92-year-old anti-apartheid icon as having "let us down," prompting outrage Wednesday in South Africa.
Winnie Madikizela-Mandela said she could not forgive him for accepting the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993 alongside F.W. De Klerk, according to Tuesday's Evening Standard, a British newspaper. The white president released Mandela and went on to participate in negotiations that ended apartheid.
"He agreed to a bad deal for the blacks. Economically, we are still on the outside. The economy is very much 'white.' It has a few token blacks, but so many who gave their life in the struggle have died unrewarded," Madikizela-Mandela was quoted as saying.
The Star newspaper in Johannesburg accused Madikizela-Mandela of unleashing a "rant."
The governing African National Congress said it would not comment until its leaders could discuss the article with Madikizela-Mandela, who was traveling abroad Wednesday.
Mandela is revered by blacks and whites in South Africa, but is not above criticism. The most common are complaints that he devoted too much time during his 1994-99 presidency to seeking reconciliation with whites and too little to uplifting blacks mired in poverty by apartheid.
Yet Madikizela-Mandela's comments contrast sharply with those she made only last month at a forum marking the 20th anniversary of his release from prison. She said then that Mandela was loved and recognized around the world for his fearlessness, and that he had emerged from prison still committed to revolution.
The contrast prompted the Johannesburg newspaper The Times to accuse her of having "two faces."
Mandela accused Madikizela-Mandela, his second wife, of infidelity and the two divorced in 1996, six years after he walked free following 27 years in prison. In recent years, Madikizela-Mandela has often joined Mandela and his third wife, former Mozambican first lady Graca Machel, at family gatherings.
After a series of scandals over violence and fraud, Madikizela-Mandela also has regained prominence in the ANC, where she is embraced in particular by young members impatient with the slow pace of change since apartheid ended in 1994. After internal party voting, she was high on the ANC's list of candidates in last year's elections, and sits in parliament.
In the interview, Madikizela-Mandela is quoted as accusing the current ANC leadership of exploiting Mandela's image while sidelining him as a leader. She also accuses his foundations of using him to raise money.
Mandela is largely retired now, with several foundations led by the Nelson Mandela Foundation carrying out his work. In February, Madikizela-Mandela called the foundations "a lasting tribute to his legacy."
The Nelson Mandela Foundation did not respond to requests for comment Wednesday.
The Standard article also quotes Madikizela-Mandela as criticizing South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission, which was an attempt to address the horrors of apartheid without pursuing retribution. In the interview, she calls its leader, Nobel Peace laureate Desmond Tutu, a "cretin." Tutu, through his office, refused comment Wednesday.
The Evening Standard interview was with Nadira Naipaul, wife of Nobel literature laureate V.S. Naipaul. In the Standard article, Nadira Naipaul said she and her husband were touring Africa when they met Madikizela-Mandela in her mansion in Soweto. They were in South Africa last year.
Madikizela-Mandela's comments competed for prominence in South African media with reports that the fiery leader of the ANC Youth League had led University of Johannesburg students in the song, "Shoot the boere, they are rapists" at a rally Tuesday.
Boere translates as farmers in Afrikaans, the language of white South African descendants of early Dutch settlers. Afrikaners and others accused Julius Malema of inciting violence against whites.
Ishmael Mnisi, an ANC spokesman, told The Associated Press that the song challenges those who do not want to see change in a society still divided by race. Mnisi said Malema's singing was not "a call to kill people," and no disciplinary action against him was planned.

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SAfrican top party: Song not about killing whites

SAfrican top party: Song not about killing whites
JOHANNESBURG — South Africa's governing party says a leading member didn't mean it literally when he sang about killing whites.
African National Congress Youth League leader Julius Malema is often in the news for his fiery rhetoric and flashy lifestyle. Tuesday, South African media reported he led University of Johannesburg students in the song, "Shoot the boere, they are rapists." Boere is farmers in Afrikaans, the language of white South African descendants of early Dutch settlers.
Afrikaners and others accuse Malema of inciting violence against whites. Ishmael Mnisi, an ANC spokesman, told The Associated Press Wednesday the song challenges those who do not want to see change in a society still divided by race.
Mnisi says it is not "a call to kill people."

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Julius Malema wants white people dead

Julius Malema wants white people dead

Wednesday, March 10, 2010 - 14:41
 Cape Town, South Africa - Julius Malema sang the famous dubulu iBhunu song yesterday at a student gathering in Johannesburg.
This shows the blatant hatred towards white people and also proves that farm murders are supported by the ANC and the ANCYL, not only do they support it but by this evidence they promote it.
The police minister of South Africa said this week that the farm murders are not politically motivated or racist but evidence points otherwise. They are not only racist and politically motivated but here we have the president of the ANC youth league singing the famous "kill the boer, kill the farmer" song.
We have the president of South Africa singing "Bring my machine gun", who does he want to shoot?
What would happen if a bunch of white folk would stand on a stage and sing "kill all the blacks". They would be arrested, but here in South Africa there are double standards and second class citizens, white people are hated in South Africa and things like this just encourage that hatred further.

Rave When "Just Crime" is not crime anymore!

Written by
Republic of South Africa, 
Today, 8th March 2010, the South African government in the form of Minister of Police Nathi Mthethwa rightly said that "Farm and rural killings should not be politicised and all murders should be treated equally". He further stated that ""We do not see it as anything else political or racist, we see it as just crime."So my question, thus the reason for this article: "Are all incidents treated equally,
and is all crime, "just crime"?Firstly, let me give a brief summary to those who are not familiar with the South African government system. In South Africa the government system works like in any other country where there is a democracy.
The newest census figures states that 79.7% of the population is black, followed by whites 9.1% , Coloureds (mixed race) 8.8%, and the remainder 2.4% are categorised as Indian or Asian. In other words it is the opposite of the United Kingdom or United States. Minorities are protected in these 1st world countries and any attacks on minorities are dealt with in a harsh fashion by the media and government.
In South Africa, this is where things get a bit complicated for some strange reason when it comes to be a government that represent everyone on a fair and equal basis.To start, let me give some examples of racism in South Africa. Last year an unfortunate case came to light where white, minority, students at the University of the Orange Free State shamelessly put black workers through an initiation. (The video can be found on Youtube.) The ladies were treated in a disrespectful way and as such the behaviour of these students were criticized, and rightly so. The incident was all over the news, locally and internationally. Most black people in South Africa became extremely angry which would be understandable with some ANC members using the issue to their selfish purposes, which just helped to encourage more racial hatred.Let's go back another year, where a young (white) boy, traumatised by a personal incident of a farm attack, took matters in his own hands by going into a township and murdering black township dwellers indiscriminately. It was a cowardly act and once again made world headlines. The boy's actions received harsh treatment from the law and once again South Africans were up in arms and some politicians and parties played the race card. Inciting more hate.Another year back, a white male with two black accomplices threw a worker into a lions den to get rid of him. An awful incident which should get everything justice throws at these perpetrators. The incident made international headlines and was shown as an example of a racist incident because one perpetrator was white while his accomplices that were black were disregarded. Politicians of the government were outspoken about this murder and we still hear this today, in forums, debates, as a prime example of "white on black" racism.So you will agree with me when I say that the above examples are not crime but have a racial intend?To South Africans and the world, the problem in South Africa seems to be a specific race.
Or at least that is what we are made to believe. My following question would be, when last, if ever, did you hear about similar incidents as above, but with the roles changed? I am not talking about "just" crime. I am talking where it's clear racism like the examples above were involved?Chances are you never heard anything. Ever. You also will not hear anything due to the media, political correctness and some individuals within the South African government that still think it's at 'war'. Individuals with selfish personal agendas or revenge. To say I make this up is like saying humans do not have fear. Its human. I am not saying it's the whole SA government but to say there are no people with hidden agendas are very na├»ve.I will give examples of where I see racist incidents against whites in South Africa which made an impact on me over a period of time of the unfairness of these incidents. There are so many, as to put them all here would take me days and probably leave most of you with "post traumatic stress" reading through all the stories.So here are similar, true, stories but with the perpetrators switched.David Jones, of the Daily Mail describes the brutal assault of a white woman, Mrs. Ame Brown, in her Johannesburg home, in the absence of her husband, who was working a night shift. Mrs. Brown's two young sons were bound at the wrists and forced at gunpoint to watch by the four-strong black gang which had broken into their flat as their mother was violated in turn by each of the gang members. Says Jones: "As the first man made way for the second, he spat out the hate-filled words Ame, an Afrikaner, will never forget: "For years you Boers always took from us. Now we're taking from you."In fact, Ame Brown worked as a care assistant looking after mainly black children at a Johannesburg home for youngsters. But her work on behalf of such an underprivileged, have-not section of the population obviously cut no ice with her assailants. Her race was all that mattered as far as they were concerned.Lambert Theron, 20, Kempton Park Wimpy manager - CCTV filmed this young Afrikaner's last moments: being hacked to death in a revenge-murder by two black co-workers – who accused him of 'lying like all white men do'.Then there is Jock de Gouveia? This elderly gentleman died after robbers dragged him for some kilometres on a rope behind his bakkie.(Pick-up)His face was totally disfigured. The police caught the three perpetrators after one was caught having Mr. de Gouveia's sim card and TV in his possession.I want to ask. Is it "just crime" because something was stolen, or is it just a convenient excuse? Do you really have to torture, humiliate, murder or even rape your victim for a cell phone or television? Is this "Just crime" Or mere an excuse by some to brush the seriousness of these crimes under the carpet?One of the most shocking recent examples in 2009 was that of two anti-white racist crimes involving the torture-murders of Alice Lotter, 77, and her daughter Helen, 57, which caused a wave of abhorrence amongst the entire white community because of its incredible cruelty. The women, both frail, were tortured to death at their farm in Allenridge in the Free State on April 1, 2009. According to forensic evidence, the Lotter mother and daughter died excruciatingly painful deaths: First tortured by being stabbed with broken glass bottles into their vaginas; one of the women also had her breasts cut off while she was still alive – and then both women's blood, police forensic experts found, had been used to paint the ANC's anti-Afrikaner hate slogan 'Kill the Boer Kill the Farmer' on the walls of their homestead.The list of crimes against "white" minorities, victims of murder and torture goes on.Where is the media, other than the small column on the 3rd page of the newspaper? The national or international outcry? Where is the outcry from the government, or their leadership or lack there of to deal with these issues on a fair basis? Is it because you do not know? Do not care? Or is it because you know, and only care when it is not one of your own, yet only shout "racist" when it's a specific race? Are we so brain washed, politically correct that we are unable as human beings to treat things in a balanced way?
Or are we so indoctrinated by mass media, becoming sheep of "popular general opinion", or too scared, even lazy, to travel the lesser road of doing research and reaching out to people from other races? Maybe they have a point when they complain, yet are immediately silenced with the word "racist".During 1999 the South African infantry has been rocked by the murder of seven individuals, six officers and one civilian by Twenty-eight-year old Lt Matubela, after losing his salary from repeated misconduct, went on a rampage in the base. His targets were only whites while not shooting at any other race. What was interesting about this case was that the government said it was racism. But, not racism from Lt Matubela, but from his colleagues!The victims becomes the 'perpetrators', and the perpetrator, the true racist, get away with it. What does this say about our society? Or where we are heading? Though this was a military incident it is still interesting looking at the dynamics in which 'racism' is sold to the people.The majority are the ones who tolerate crime, there for we much judge the racial tolerance of criminals. At night we can only pray that we would not be murdered by somebody with a vindictive racial attitude. We do not get to vote on the attitude towards crime, yet we are told that it is not geared towards us. "It is "only" crime. We have to take the word of the majority, that criminals do not use racial bias. In other words: "Criminals are just criminals and incapable of being racists too, unless of course they are part of the minority". Everyone else is, well, "Just criminals, doing "just crime"; this is what the statics and some government officials make us believe.The only ones that believe these officials are the uninformed or the racists themselves that roll their heads gleefully the other way.The media seems to believe that these allegations of hate crimes or racism are all fabricated lies. These crimes have been continuing since 1994 and are ever on the increase, to such worrying statistics that, founded by Gregory Standon, is very concerned.The South African government does what everyone government in power does when there is a crises, by playing it down by minimizing the seriousness of the matter. A few years ago it was also done with crime. "What crime": it was asked by the then President Mbeki? Today we see the same cycle but this time "the what", was replaced with "the just".When will people, both black and white open their eyes and see some of these murders for what it is not. Not general crime, like theft and murder but where the victim of one race is tortured by someone from another race.It is definitely NOT "Just crime".The question needs to be asked. When is crime not crime anymore?Are we as individuals, organisations, media or government so blinded by our prejudices and colour coded eye patches, that we only cry out when the victim is one race the perpetrator another?"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing" - Edmund BurkeThis article probably asks more questions than to give answers, but the sole purpose is to make you think. Everyone is not as equal as some people make things out to be. Maybe you see this already, but then I might ask, why are you silent?In order for human kind to evolve to the next level, we will need to look at these things on an equal basis and treat them as such. If not, we are just re-inventing the wheel of racism, with the roles changed.One last question is why should these things be dealt with on an equal basis?My answer is, if you do not, it creates more hate from one group against another because of ignorance and the lack of direction from leaders. These type of hate crimes are becoming more and more by the day because people are not educated by the government leaders or media,to realize it is not one specific group that is to blame, but that its a sickness which affects all.
Any question please feel free to email me.
Links:"Just Crime" Gregory Stanton – Founder of Genocide Watch Murders – Part 1 of 2 murder name list:
UPDATE - 1 day ago
Additional viewing: Thought provoking as this say what most of us know...
UPDATE - 1 day ago
"What good does the truth do...."? - Winnie MandelaRead her newest outburst which is going to incite more hatred.Its like she's shifting the blame to say the problems in South Africa today is Mandela's fault and his vision of reconciliation and forgiveness.....She is setting a stage for disaster.

Farm killings in South Africa is political and racist

Farm killings in South Africa is political and racist

Monday, March 8, 2010 - 14:00
 Farm murders in South Africa are both political and racist. White farmers are brutally murdered, some tortured and some have their throats slit after being tortured. It is rare for a white farmer to survive a farm attack, only those that fight back stand a chance while the rest are butchered like animals.
It has now been 14 years since Peter Mokaba invented the "kill the boer, kill the farmer" slogan and it is exactly since then that the farm murders started to escalate. Most white farmers have since fled the country while those that remain are under heavy attack.
Today when the police minister Nathi Mthethwa spoke at the AgriSA conference he had the following ignorant words to say:
"We do not see it as anything else political or racist, we see it as just crime."
So then what about that boy that killed all those people in some squatter camp up in South Africa, was that crime? That was the skielik shooting. Apparently when white people are the targets and the crimes are committed by black people it is crime, when it the other way around it usually is "racist", with a bunch of "important" people commenting on the "racist" act.
How about the 4 boys that messed around with the workers at that college, that must be crime as well then?
He continued to say:
"We cannot sit on different sides of the fence and point fingers, we need to recognise that most farmworkers and farmers are valuable assets."
There is a word for all this, it is called clueless. Whether he tries to ignore the facts or blatantly acts like the farm murders are nothing more than crime cant be answered.
14 Years after Mandela joined in and sang "kill the amabulu" the slaughter and genocide against white farmers continue in South Africa.
For instance, last week 

Last week South Africa saw another gruesome animal like murder of 61 year old Belgian businessman Etienne Cammaerts on his Limpopo farm.
He was found after being kidnapped and murdered.  He was found with his hands and feet tied and his throat slashed at the side of a dam or water pan. His farm vehicle was still at the scene and nothing was stolen. It is speculated that he was hijacked when he went to drop farm workers.
The farm that was in a area marked for "land reform" was thought to be in a safe place as Etienne moved there to escape from the stress.
He and his partner lived on the farm for 6 years before the murder.
Genocide in South Africa continues against white farmers.




posted by ANGRY WHITE DUDE 11:16 PM
Sunday, November 15, 2009
Recently, Lionel McIntyre, a black male Columbia professor found a conversation with a white female co-employee more than he could handle with his verbal skills. Once his well-rehearsed lines about “white privilege” were used she wasn’t buying it. Then, to ice the debate, he used the time-proven method of calling her a racist! That didn’t do it either. Silly white girl! So he used the only thing left in his arsenal…a right cross to the jaw! How can one argue with logic like that? Why does Angry White Dude say the professor enjoys black privilege? Because if he was a white male and hit a black woman, he would be charged with a hate crime and have Al (aks me if I’s impotent) leading his professional rent-a-riot crowd in front of his house for a few weeks. Since he’s a black man hitting a white woman….nothing will be said in the mainstream press!
I always find it interesting how many black people who find the AWD site and comment always leave threats of violence. Generally, the comment starts with a racial insult that says “you wouldn’t say that to my face” or some variable. AWD always asks for the person leaving the comment to prove how I am racist rather than calling me one. They never reply. I guess it comes from white people allowing themselves to be painted in a corner regarding race relations. We have allowed ourselves to be held responsible for everything. The R word is a weapon the left has used for generations and will not give up easily. In our politically correct society, white people are not allowed to criticize any action of another race without being labeled racist. If whites actually dare to criticize blacks or argue a point that disagrees with PC culture, we are threatened with violence.
Isn’t this exactly what happened in New York with Lionel McIntyre hitting his white female colleague? After he railed on her for some supposed white privilege and called her a racist, his last line of debate was violence. Look at Henry Louis Gates, the black professor at Harvard arrested for acting like a fool when being questioned by police in Cambridge, Mass. He couldn’t get above the ghetto insults even when simply asked his name by the white policeman. He said, “your mama knows my name.” Call me foolish, I would have simply given my name! Even President Obama had a knee-jerk, community organizer moment when he said the police “acted stupidly.” These are educated men yet digress to ghetto insults or violence when challenged.
If Obama is interested in a teaching moment, he would tell blacks they will not win every debate. They will not always convince people they are right when arguing about racial topics. But they hurt their cause by threats and violence. In this period of so-called post racialism, whites are standing up as never before concerning labels of racism. The vast majority of white people judge people on their actions and character…not skin color. Blacks seem to be the ones stuck on pigment. I simply refuse to accept that. As for threats of violence, I noticed McIntyre hit the woman and not her male companion. As for violence, my good Austrian friend Mr. Glock is my constant companion.
Listen to this video from a black man reading the NY Post article and then making his own threats to whites for arguing with blacks. Language warning:

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