Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Illegal Alien Tuition Backers Press On

Yet another Israeli connection to 9/11 comes to light

The Oncoming Financial Train Wreck

Ku Klux Klan calling cards dropped off at Davie restaurant,0,5210874.story,0,5210874.story

Treasury Delaying Release of Bank "Stress-Test" Results

Obama Can Change Happen?

Michigan City Bans Being Annoying In Public

City of Flint, Michigan considers abandoning parts of city to chaos

The Slow Death of General Motors

US Envoy Writes of Israeli Threats

Police Attack Sit Down Protestors - G20

Obama Drama Sweeps London for the G20 Summit

Minorities rise in most US states

Diversity!! Can You Afford It!!

Obama Passing New Law To Allow Snooping Of Laptop and Media Devices

ISP data retention snuck in by EU directive



Judicial Nominee Says Prayers to Allah Okay, But Not to Jesus

Communist Party USA Celebrates Obama's Attempts To Nationalize the Economy

Obama unveils universal health care plan

The Creeping Socialism of Barack Obama

Why Are Obama Lawyers Sticking to the Same Positions as Bush's DOJ?


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