Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Obama's intelligence pick, Charles W Freeman Jr, forced to resign by Zionists

Obviously, John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt are rabid, hateful paranoids, total bigots and anti-Semites, for having suggested that there are powerful domestic political forces in the U.S., which enforce Israel-centric orthodoxies and make it politically impossible to question America's blind loyalty to Israel. What irrational lunacy on their part:

Director of National Intelligence Dennis C. Blair announced today that Ambassador Charles W. Freeman Jr. has requested that his selection to be Chairman of the National Intelligence Council not proceed. Director Blair accepted Ambassador Freeman’s decision with regret.

In the U.S., you can advocate torture, illegal spying, and optional though murderous wars and take the highest positions. However, you cannot, apparently, criticize Israeli actions too much or question whether America's blind support for Israel should be re-examined.

[“The man leading the anti-Freeman assault was Steve Rosen, the long-time AIPAC official currently on trial for violations of the Espionage Act in connection with the transmission of classified U.S. information intended for Israel." Freeman said "we Americans cannot any longer conduct a serious public discussion or exercise independent judgment about matters of great importance to our country as well as to our allies and friends.”]

Man arrested after Muslims abuse British soldiers at a homecoming parade

A preacher of Muslim-Fascism and Radicalism today ridiculed British soldiers, abused during a homecoming parade, branding them cowards who have an 'uncanny knack for death by friendly fire'.

Firebrand preacher Anjem Choudary praised the Muslims who had protested at yesterday's parade for the 2nd Battalion Royal Anglian Regiment in Luton.

In an inflammatory message posted on an Islamic extremist website, Choudary viciously mocked their comrade who died by friendly fire in Iraq.

His words came as police charged a man who allegedly shouted abuse at the Muslim anti-war protesters.

That is the situation in the UK how radical Muslims get to shout abuse at the British soldiers, but when a British man responds, he becomes faced with criminal charges.

[some one should go to network solutions, and in the 'who is' section find out when the domain name of the deceitful propaganda radical extremist fascist muslims is going to expire and buy it from that date? than you could make the website have a big shiny amazing crucifixion on the home page]

Officials: Iran does not have key nuclear material

Iran does not yet have any highly enriched uranium, the fuel needed to make a nuclear warhead, two top U.S. intelligence officials told Congress Tuesday, disputing a claim by an Israeli official.

U.S. National Intelligence Director Dennis Blair and Defense Intelligence Agency Director Lt. Gen. Michael Maples said Tuesday that Iran has only low-enriched uranium, which would need to be refined into highly enriched uranium before it can fuel a warhead. Neither official said there were indications that refining has occurred.

Maples said the United States and Israel are interpreting the same facts, but arriving at different conclusions.

Mr. Maples is possibly trying to make excuses for the way Israel is attempting to push the U.S. and other nations into supporting a military attack on Iran. It would be no surprise if Israel attacks Iran with Israel’s political climate the way that it sits, using armaments given by the U.S., and is just excused on the basis that they had devious intents and not a need for energy provided elsewhere than Israel’s energy monopoly. Nevertheless, we should be infuriated that Israel lies openly to force tolerant nations of nuclear energy into wars. The U.S.: D.O.D. most likely will avoid a join in an attack on Iran while simultaneously Israel presents itself as staging dramatics, to save us all from Iranian nukes in an attempt to portray them as doing something heroic for their arms suppliers.

AT&T replaces 17 percent of its fleet

This morning, Randall Stephenson, who is the Chairman and CEO of AT&T made a very important announcement.

AT&T is going to replace 17 percent of its fleet, which is one of the largest in America, with vehicles running on natural gas and other renewable fuels. They are going to purchase 8,000 truck chassis built by an U.S. automaker and then they will work with domestic suppliers to convert those chassis to run on natural gas.

A big portion of AT&T's fleet is going to domestic natural gas and is using vehicles built in America to do it. AT&T will also be working with natural gas suppliers - domestic natural gas suppliers - to build the fueling facilities they will need for these vehicles.

AT&T is also going to replace some 7,100 cars, which are running on gasoline with cars using battery and other alternative sources. When the transition is completed, AT&T will have one of the largest alternative fueled fleets in history.

I believe this is going to be a momentous play. When other fleet operators put their transportation teams on this, you are going to see a major shift away from imported diesel and onto domestic natural gas.


(AT&T to spend $565M for green vehicles)

Read it here//

(AT&T to Deploy More Than 15,000 Alternative-Fuel Vehicles)

Read it here//

February Oil Imports

From the desk of T. Boone Pickens

Hey Army,

You know we have been

tracking the monthly oil import numbers

since December and making them public to the press corps (and to the New Energy Army).

In February, we imported 62 percent of our oil -
about 339 million barrels. That cost us $13 billion for that month or more than $328,000 per minute!

We can't get too hung up on the month-to-month numbers. First, February is only 28 days, so the monthly number was smaller. Second, we want to focus on the trend. In December we imported 66.5 percent of our oil, but in January that rose to 67.4 percent.

Even at 62 percent that puts us in great danger of being held hostage by the oil producers in the Middle East, Africa and Venezuela. We need to keep the pressure on our leaders in Washington and I need you to join me in the Virtual March on April 1-3 to let them know that we are paying attention.

If you haven't RSVP'd for the Virtual March, click here and join the 1.5 million Americans who have already joined up.


T. Boone Pickens


The Pickens Plan

PO Box 12123

Dallas, TX 75225

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Connecticut Anti-Catholic Bill Pulled

BREAKING NEWS:Connecticut Anti-Catholic Bill Pulled

Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights (

Chalk up a big victory for Catholics who are loyal to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church and to the religious liberty provisions of the First Amendment.

Attorney General Richard Blumenthal will now review the constitutionality of the bill.
Attorney General Richard Blumenthal will now review the constitutionality of the bill.
HARTFORD (Catholic League) - The bill that would allow the state legislature in Connecticut to reconfigure the governing structure of the Catholic Church has been pulled.

Introduced by Rep. Michael Lawlor and Sen. Andrew McDonald, the bill was withdrawn at the behest of the person who proposed it, Tom Gallagher; he is a contributor to the National Catholic Reporter, a left-wing Catholic newspaper. Attorney General Richard Blumenthal will now review the constitutionality of the bill.

Catholic League president Bill Donohue responded as follows:

“Every pre-law undergraduate knows that what Lawlor and McDonald tried to pull off—in stealth fashion—was flagrantly unconstitutional. For their fascist stunt, they should at least be censured by their colleagues. Ideally, they should resign or be forced out of office.

“The big losers are the Catholic left-wing activists who pushed for this measure. To be specific, Voice of the Faithful, a dissident Catholic group comprised mainly of senior citizens, has been promoting a lay Catholic takeover of the Catholic Church for many years.

"Also, their ideological kinfolk at the National Catholic Reporter republished an article by Gallagher calling for an aggressive civil law approach to parish governance.

“Lawlor, McDonald, Gallagher, Voice of the Faithful, and the National Catholic Reporter totally underestimated the reaction of rank-and-file Catholics.

"Chalk up a big victory for Catholics who are loyal to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church and to the religious liberty provisions of the First Amendment.”


taken from ///-

The IRS will pay you a reward for turning in employers of illegals!

IRS Reporting


CALL THE IRS HOTLINE 1-800-829-0433


Call the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) hotline 1-800-829-0433 to report all suspected employers of illegal aliens-—you are not required to identify yourself and may be entitled to a reward.

The Application for Reward
( Form 211
can be downloaded from
or call 1-800-829-3676.

The key is to be persistent and to follow up.

The IRS does not take kindly to employers that seek to evade taxes by paying cash for day labor-this is a common practice at construction sites. Report the employer`s license plate number and any other information you may have. Employers usually can’t run and take the hit in their wallets. Follow up with the IRS and ask what action is being taken; if they refuse to cooperate, notify the press and your elected officials. Do your part-—spread the word-—help make this nationwide campaign a success!!!

British convoy arrives in Gaza

In a ceremony at the White House today, President Obama signed an executive order reversing the Bush Administration's severe limitations on stem cell research. The president also issued a memorandum that directs Administration officials to restore scientific integrity to government decision making. Throughout the Bush Administration, many scientists said they were ignored or silenced, and that their data was manipulated for political reasons. Now, many in the scientific community are hoping this period has ended.

Why do they offer aid and not end the war?

Obama reverses stem cell research ban

In a ceremony at the White House today, President Obama signed an executive order reversing the Bush Administration's severe limitations on stem cell research. The president also issued a memorandum that directs Administration officials to restore scientific integrity to government decision making. Throughout the Bush Administration, many scientists said they were ignored or silenced, and that their data was manipulated for political reasons. Now, many in the scientific community are hoping this period has ended.

Would-be Candidate Barred Because He's Homeless

Daniel Fore -- a homeless resident of Oak Park, Illinois - will not be allowed to run for public office, because he does not have an address. Cook County Judge Patrick McGann does not quibble over the fact that a homeless person can reside in a municipality. However, he upheld a local election board's decision to bar Fore because rather than listing an address in the residence field of the required paperwork; he noted that he is homeless and provided a post office box.

The Oak Park, Illinois officials, responsible for not letting the man run, are all Democrats

United Kingdom Military Police (Peace Officers) call for Inquiry into Torture Claims

British opposition members are calling for an inquiry into allegations that British intelligence agents took part in torture and extraordinary prisoner rendition under a London command location in anti-nationalist propaganda circulations.

A recently returned British resident made these latest allegations on Sunday from Guantanamo Bay, an international detention center. The prison is home primarily for fanatical activists run by the defense agencies of the U.S. for culprits of terrorism against the United States. After almost 7 years in Guantanamo Bay, he told his experience for the first time in a newspaper interview. The sentenced, served and released terrorist claims that during 18 months of CIA-controlled captivity in Morocco, when his captors repeatedly sliced his chest and genitals with a scalpel, interrogators questioned him using photos and information contained in British intelligence files, which they showed him. He also describes two telegrams obtained through a U.S. lawsuit filed by his lawyers allegedly sent from British intelligence officials to the CIA proposing particular questions to ask him.

Bangladesh Bans YouTube

The Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission shut down You Tube there today after an audio recording of a contentious government meeting became available as a broadcast to the public over the internet hosting service. The meeting between the Prime Minister and hundreds of military officials came just after the recent mutiny by border guards. Tensions were high and many were critical of the government's handling of the crisis in which some 70 died in the event. A spokesperson for the department that oversees the internet said the action happened "in the interest of national security."

US Supreme Court Says Minority Must be Majority Under Voting Rights Act

The US Supreme Court limited the scope of the landmark Voting Rights Act of 1965 today. The case involves a district in North Carolina where blacks made up just less than 40 percent of the voting age population. The High Court charged with the task of interpreting the law as it applies to creating districts that address the watering down of minority voting strength. In a 5-4 decision, they ruled that a district must have greater than 50 percent minority population to qualify for protection. Writing for the majority, Justice Anthony Kennedy said the interpretation "draws clear lines for courts and legislatures," while in the dissent Justice David Souter said that existing districts should be protected by federal law "so long as a cohesive minority population is large enough to elect its chosen candidate when combined with a reliable number of crossover voters." The decision will affect redistricting following the 2010 census. The Court also declined to take up a case in which Ralph Nader prevailed over the state of Arizona, overturning a residence requirement for petition gatherers and an earlier deadline for signature submission for independent candidates.

minorities will get minority treatment only if they actually are a minority as per regulation from district to district.

Film maker claims Sarkozy persecutes immigrants like Hitler persecuted Jews

France's immigration minister criticized a film director on Monday for likening the situation of illegal immigrants in France today to that of Jews under the Nazi occupation during World War 2.

Director Philippe Lioret - whose film "Welcome" about illegal immigrants trying to reach Britain from northern France opens on Wednesday - has criticized a French law that makes it a crime to help illegal immigrants.

"To see that a decent guy can all of a sudden be charged and that he can go to prison is crazy. It feels like its 1943 and we've hidden a Jew in the basement," Lioret told the regional newspaper La Voix du Nord last week.

[Even the Daily Mail in the UK thinks Britain should stop being a "soft touch" for immigrants, and Sarkozy would not have enacted any of these mild laws if he were not worried about people voting for the French National Front if he did not.]

Monday, March 9, 2009

Nuclear Greenwash Brigade to the Palace

Nuclear Greenwash Brigade to the Palace

Anti-nuclear power campaigners dressed as “Radioactive Royals and nuclear guards” protested in front of Buckingham Palace on Thursday, 5 February as nuclear industry bigwigs were wined and dined by the Duke of York, Prince Andrew.

Read more:

Anti-racists are driven by ignorance and fear

It's been a busy year for thought police. A new play has prompted anti-racism protests at a theater called the National.

A family of Jewish-Irish descent has become a family of pissed-up burglars run by a clever accountant. In the United Kingdom this fits into Racist stereotypes, yes, but more irreverent audacity than inflammatory.

So is the playwright or producer, or the theater racist? Maybe, but political humor should not be the concern of the wanton public. Unless you're convinced all racists end up building gas chambers under the influence of a social group you want to silence and eliminate because ignorance has made you fear them. The protesters clamoring for a ban are, in their fashion, xenophobic.

[This play sounds like trash used to promote a life of crime and immorality. But those who are predetermined to prejudice, fail to capture any semblance of the satire with their hyper vigilance and paranoid infused hostility.]

Russia fast becoming Islamic

Author Eeva Nikkila-Kiipula, quotes a government report in the newspaper Aamulehti, which claims Muslims, are seriously changing the essential character of the Russian population. According to a report, these changes already represent a serious challenge to Russian internal stability and domestic policy.

The last 20 years have seen important demographic changes in Russia. At the beginning of the 1990s, 149 million Russians lived in the country. By 2007, the total was seven million less. Numbers are diminishing by approximately 400,000 per year.

The situation is completely different in areas with a Muslim majority. There the population is growing. Average life expectancy is considerably higher than in traditional Russian areas. If demographic growth continues in the same way, by 2015 the majority of Russian army conscripts will be Muslims. Five years later 20% of all Russians will be Muslims. By mid-century, a majority of the Russian population will be Muslim.

[If there is a determination to avoid this fate, it is still possible.]

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Obama Channels Cheney

The Obama Administration this week released its predecessor's post-9/11 legal memoranda in the name of "transparency," producing another round of feel-good Bush criticism. Anyone interested in President Obama's actual executive-power policies, however, should look at his position on warrantless wiretapping. Dick Cheney must be smiling.

[Review & Outlook] AP

In a federal lawsuit, the Obama legal team is arguing that judges lack the authority to enforce their own rulings in classified matters of national security. The standoff concerns the Oregon chapter of the Al-Haramain Islamic Foundation, a Saudi Arabian charity that was shut down in 2004 on evidence that it was financing al Qaeda. Al-Haramain sued the Bush Administration in 2005, claiming it had been illegally wiretapped.

At the heart of Al-Haramain's case is a classified document that it says proves that the alleged eavesdropping was not authorized under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, or FISA. That record was inadvertently disclosed after Al-Haramain was designated as a terrorist organization; the Bush Administration declared such documents state secrets after their existence became known.

In July, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the President's right to do so, which should have ended the matter. But the San Francisco panel also returned the case to the presiding district court judge, Vaughn Walker, ordering him to decide if FISA pre-empts the state secrets privilege. If he does, Al-Haramain would be allowed to use the document to establish the standing to litigate.

The Obama Justice Department has adopted a legal stance identical to, if not more aggressive than, the Bush version. It argues that the court-forced disclosure of the surveillance programs would cause "exceptional harm to national security" by exposing intelligence sources and methods. Last Friday the Ninth Circuit denied the latest emergency motion to dismiss, again kicking matters back to Judge Walker.

In court documents filed hours later, Justice argues that the decision to release classified information "is committed to the discretion of the Executive Branch, and is not subject to judicial review. Moreover, the Court does not have independent power . . . to order the Government to grant counsel access to classified information when the Executive Branch has denied them such access." The brief continues that federal judges are "ill-equipped to second-guess the Executive Branch."

That's about as pure an assertion of Presidential power as they come, and we're beginning to wonder if the White House has put David Addington, Mr. Cheney's chief legal aide, on retainer. The practical effect is to prevent the courts from reviewing the legality of the warrantless wiretapping program that Mr. Obama repeatedly claimed to find so heinous -- at least before taking office. Justice, by the way, is making the same state secrets argument in a separate lawsuit involving rendition and a Boeing subsidiary.

Hide the children, but we agree with Mr. Obama that the President has inherent Article II Constitutional powers that neither the judiciary nor statutes like FISA can impinge upon. The FISA appeals court said as much in a decision released in January, as did Attorney General Eric Holder during his confirmation hearings. It's reassuring to know the Administration is refusing to compromise core executive-branch prerogatives, especially on war powers.

Then again, we are relearning that the "Imperial Presidency" is only imperial when the President is a Republican. Democrats who spent years denouncing George Bush for "spying on Americans" and "illegal wiretaps" are now conspicuously silent. Yet these same liberals are going ballistic about the Bush-era legal memos released this week. Cognitive dissonance is the polite explanation, and we wouldn't be surprised if Mr. Holder released them precisely to distract liberal attention from the Al-Haramain case.

By the way, those Bush documents are Office of Legal Counsel memos, not policy directives. They were written in the immediate aftermath of a major terrorist attack, when more seemed possible, and it would have been irresponsible not to explore the outer limits of Presidential war powers in the event of a worst-case scenario. Based on what we are learning so far about Mr. Obama's policies, his Administration would do the same.




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