Saturday, February 28, 2009

'The Man With No Name' fears being branded a racist

Acting legend Clint Eastwood , 79, apparently believes that political correctness, the favor of the public, has rendered modern society humorless, for he accuses younger generations of spending too much time trying to avoid being offensive.

The Dirty Harry star insists that he should be able to tell harmless jokes about nationality without fearing that people may brand him "a racist".

"People have lost their sense of humor. In former times, we constantly made jokes about different races. You can only tell them today with one hand over your mouth or you will be insulted as a racist," the Daily Express quoted Eastwood as saying.

[There are those who rather be called a racist or not, I included. Nevertheless, I think, while we are getting it all out, Scandinavians already went through an ice age or two, survived, and now lose track of the responsibilities in their lives at least once, just to have a struggle, which compares. Everybody else has had to work for a living, O fucking cry me a river.]


“Now remember, when things look bad and it looks like you're not gonna make it, then you got to get mean. I mean plumb, mad-dog mean! Cause if you lose your head and you give up, then you neither live nor win. That's just the way it is.”


Weisel Lost Everything to Madoff

Nobody knows depravity like Elie Wiesel knows depravity, and more so, does he ever see it in Bernie Madoff.

Wiesel, whose charitable foundation killed by Madoff, has until now mostly kept quiet about the alleged $50 billion Ponzi scheme. But today, the Holocaust survivor and Nobel Peace Prize recipient spoke passionately about his betrayal by Madoff, whom he referred to variously as "a crook, a thief, a scoundrel," as well as a "swindler" and "evil."

Wiesel acknowledged that in addition to having lost his foundation's assets, he lost his personal wealth to Madoff. "All of a sudden, everything we have done in forty years - literally, my books, my lectures, my university salary, everything - was gone," he said during a panel discussion with Conde Nast Portfolio.

[What goes around comes around. Do not put all of your eggs in one basket, but most certainly do not give your money to a Semite whose name is Madoff. ( he made off with everybody's money]

The "surreal civil war" : thousands of Muslims with British citizenship are attacking the British army

As the sad news breaks that, another three British soldiers killed in the wars in Afghanistan, intelligence briefings have confirmed that Muslims from Britain are fighting alongside the Taliban. According to the briefings, a nominal amount of at least 4000 Muslims from Britain have gone to Afghanistan via Pakistan based on accents recognized on radio intercepts. The news comes hot on the heels of the revelation that Muslims in Britain are responsible for the construction of trigger mechanisms for roadside bombs such as the one, which killed three British soldiers yesterday. Senior military sources have described the situation. As for American activities, the situation is unknown and deemed classified to anyone, including journalists, not on the ground.

[This civil war replica makes anarchy the UK more plausible a scenario in the near future, as more and more begin to revolt due to sensationalist entitlement.]

America took the cream of the crop and bad seeds, now the old world needs a miracle.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Horst Mahler sentenced to 6 years

Wednesday in Munich, a founding member of a left-wing terrorist group recently recognized as Neo-Nazis received sentencing for Holocaust denial and sentenced to six years in prison. It happened after a judge accused him of using the courtroom to spread his message of hate.

Horst Mahler, a founder of the Red Army Faction in 1970, sentenced with the charge of incitement for posting videos denying the Holocaust on the Internet and distributing CDs promoting Jewish discrimination and violence. Denial of the Nazi Holocaust is a crime in Germany.

Rieder sentenced Mahler to one year above the maximum recommended five years in prison, saying he is "completely unrepentant and totally unreachable."

"It was as if these people have had to die again," Rieder said. "Therefore, the Horst Mahler show has now ended."

[How do they get away with this? Ridiculous, if someone says, something did not happen, how that could be a serious crime on par with murder. Moreover, in English, we use the word genocide.]

"A holocaust pumpkin is what you call a pumpkin, when its ready to be carved for all hallows eve. Hallow+Cast. The zionists have mettled far too much to speak of....we shouldn't let them alter our language as well."

--the amish aryan

Allies of Israel criticise one of President Obama's intelligence council

A thunderous, coordinated assault against one of President Obama's intelligence picks is now underway. It started in a few right-wing blogs which have migrated into becoming semi-official publications like the Jewish Telegraph Agency, and today it reached the editorial pages of the Wall Street Journal, in the form of the vulgar piece by Gabriel Schoenfeld, a resident scholar at The Witherspoon Institute.

The target is Charles ("Chas") Freeman, the former US ambassador to Saudi Arabia, former top Defense Department official during the Reagan administration, and president of the Middle East Policy Council, whose wide-ranging experience stretches from the Middle East to China. Freeman intends to become chairperson of the National Intelligence Council (NIC), the arm of Admiral Dennis Blair's Office of the Director of National Intelligence. The NIC is the body that includes a host of analysts called national intelligence officers who are responsible for culling intelligence from sixteen US agencies and compiling them into so-called National Intelligence Estimates. It is a critical job, since -NIE-'s, often released, in public versions, can have enormous political impact. Case in point, the infamous 2002 Iraq -NIE- on weapons of mass destruction and the 2007 -NIE- intelligence on Iran that revealed Tehran had halted its work on nuclear weapons.

If the campaign by the Neoconservatives, friends of the Israeli far right, and their allies against Freeman succeeds, it will have enormous repercussions. If the White House Administration succumbs to outside influence, it will signal that the Presidents honesty in the Arab-Israeli dispute cannot be trusted. Because if Obama can't defend his own appointee against criticism from a discredited, fringe movement like the neoconservatives, how can the Arabs expect Obama to be able to stand up to Israel's next prime minister, Netanyahu?

[Zionists should not have a presence in the U.S. government.]

Russian minister wants to make it a crime to deny the Russians won WW2

Sergey Shoigu, the head of Russia's EMERCOM, put forward a suggestion to pass the law that would stipulate criminal responsibility for rejecting USSR's victory in the Great Patriotic War, Itar-Tass news agency reports.

"I believe that our parliament needs to pass the law that would stipulate criminal responsibility for those denying the victory of the USSR in the Great Patriotic War," Shoigu said.

The minister stressed out that there was a number of countries on the post-Soviet space that reject both the results of the Great Patriotic War and the deeds of the Soviet nation in it. The law, the official added, would allow protecting Russia’s history.

[This seems heavy-handed, but it is not when compared with Europe's Holocaust denial laws!]

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Media champions idiots and vilifies the intellligent

Through our recorded history, the qualifications to become one of time’s heroes have changed a little. The nation now captivated, by the impending death of a young woman, famous only for media infamy, and her wedding to a violent ex-convict.

Across the country, bitter journalists have sniped at a woman who knows about everything from Rudyard Kipling to Kazakhstan banknotes, from Homer to human genetics.

With every insult there emerges, a new superfluous character. A member of the growing ranks of nasty, insecure tribes, who need to be comforted in their own ignorance, rather than impressed by another's brilliance.

Jade Goody's story is undeniably a tragic and gripping one; but how extraordinarily inverted our values have become when she is treated like some modern-day Joan of Arc staring death in the face, while another young woman has bile poured upon her for the wicked sin of intelligence in the Islamic world.

It is all part of social engineering. The modern culture attempts to be God they cannot see.

[The woman facing capital punishment praised and should not be for being an accessory to atrocious crimes because she may claim merit to intelligence. Likewise, do not praise her for not being a proven member of radical zealots not in an already troubling holy war with Islam. Their ideas, for the rest of time, are as similar a totalitarian idea as fascism and communism, if not worse than both combined. We all have liberty, and only ever will, with free choice]

Sexual song lyrics linked to early sex

Seven hundred eleven ninth-grade students at three large U.S. urban high schools completed surveys this month. The participants underwent, more than, 14 hours each week, of lyrics describing degrading acts and intercourse. About one-third said they had previously been sexually active.

The study, scheduled to be published in the April issue of the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, says those with the most exposure to the lyrics describing degrading sex were more than twice as likely to have had sexual intercourse, compared to those with the least exposure. The relationship between exposure to lyrics describing degrading sex and sexual experience held equally for both young men and women.

This perhaps is one of the many outcomes of our children in a society which chooses to let our offspring raise them selves and which we let media, e.g. TV, radio, literature, Et-cetera, control our children. The dangers also affect today’s youth as they learn immoral behavior through the community of ethically deprived automatons.

[What about the observation, which some may call racist, that the kind of kids who tend to listen to this ‘gangster-type’ music just happen to be prone to early sex anyway? Alternatively, what about the possibility that since their parents presumably allow them to listen to such lyrics without censure, they probably will not advise them on the importance of being careful and the results of sexually discriminating behavior? ]

Jail the men who stole our economy, demands former DPP

Britain's system for regulating markets and prosecuting City crimes has completely broken down.

The Director of Public Prosecutions, an U.K. division, between 2003 and 2008, said: “if you mug someone in the street and you are caught, the chances are that you will go to prison.”

'In recent years, mugging someone out of their savings or their pension would probably earn you a yacht.'

[The only people who will adequately punish the bankers who are exploiting the people in the UK are the BNP. Perhaps some will realize this now before it is too late for anyone to have an outspoken voice on the subject. It is regrettable that people have to be hurt in their pockets before they will back those who have long been offering a solution to so many of the nation's problems.]

Monday, February 23, 2009

State of the undone adress



Nine Principles to Believe In

By Glenn Beck

America, I want to talk straight to you now.

There is a lot of bad news out there. Our economy is tanking and does not
show signs of improving. People are losing their jobs 500 million a month
according to Nancy Pelosi and there are more cuts on the way.

People around the world are taking to the streets. Our government responds to
problem with "bailouts." When you reach out to them you get no response while
Ponzi scheme crooks get away with millions and tax cheats get promotions.

Terrorists are on the run, and you just want to keep your family safe.

It is enough to make you want to just give up!

But I am here to tell you something important: You are not alone, and if you
believe in a majority of these nine principles then keep watching because I am
going to prove it to you to.

1. America is good place, not perfect, but good.

2. I believe in God and He is the center of my life.

3. I must try to be a better, more honest person than I was yesterday.

4. The family is sacred. My spouse and I are the ultimate authority.

5. If you break the law you pay the penalty. Justice is blind and no one is
above it.

6. I have a right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness and not a
guarantee of equal results.

7. I work hard for what I have. I will share it with who I want to.
Government cannot force me to be charitable.

8. It is not un-American for me to disagree or share my personal opinion.

9. The government works for me. I do not answer to them. They answer to me.

If you believe in those things then I have a project for you. Believe me,
this will be worth your while. I want you to take a picture of yourself — keep
your clothes on, please — and e-mail it to me at I am
going to ask you every day for the next two or three weeks.

Please, if you agree with these principles then help me fight for them.


You Are Not Alone: 12 Values

By Glenn Beck

I have been telling you about the
Are Not Alone project and the Nine Principles
— principles that have made
this country great.

I didn't pull these out of thin air. I borrowed from scripture. I got them
from the Founding Fathers. And honestly, a lot of these principles are just
common sense.

This is not a partisan thing. This is not about elephant or donkey, liberal
or conservative. This is about Americans making their voices heard.

Part 1 of this project:

Read the Nine Principles
. And, if you believe in at least seven of them,
e-mail your photo to:

Now it is time for Step 2 and we add the 12 Values.

They are:

• Honesty

• Reverence

• Hope

• Thrift

• Humility

• Charity

• Sincerity

• Moderation

• Hard work

• Courage

• Personal responsibility

• Friendship

These 12 Values, coupled with the Nine Principles -- and I'm telling you we
can solve any problem.

You know, our problem right now is we're looking to Washington to solve
everything for us. And then, "Oh, we've got to bail all these banks out. We've
got to do this. We've got to do that."

We're making decisions so rapidly right now and we're not pegged to any
principles. We're not pegged to any values.

I think the problem that we are suffering from is greed and envy and a lack
of honesty. So how do we solve that? The values and the principles will solve
everything for us. We can figure out anything.

Reverence: Do we have real reverence in America anymore? Are people quiet?
Are they listening to the small, still voice ever? Do you ponder things?

Thrift: That was one of Benjamin Franklin's biggest things, thrift. Do we do
that? Are we are thrifty on anything anymore? We live in a disposable society
and it shows in the way we treat our environment to our stuff. We just get
another one. It's time to change that habit.

Personal responsibility: My gosh, I'm responsible for me and you're
responsible for you. We'll help each other out. But I'm responsible. And you
know what? This goes all the way to the biggest problems that we have.

It really is, in many ways, our fault, because we have un-pegged from
principles and values..

Rahm Emanuel is chief of United States?

In recent months, he has played a crucial role in the selection and courtship of nearly every cabinet member and key White House staff member.

Renowned as a fierce partisan, he has been an ardent ambassador to Republicans, including Mr. Obama's defeated rival, Senator John McCain of Arizona. He has exerted influence on countless decisions; in meetings, administration officials say, Mr. Obama often allows him to speak first and last.

"You can see how he listens and reacts to Rahm," said Ron Klain, the chief of staff to Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. "You can see that his opinion is being shaped."

Side with foreigners

[Immigration in fact damages the economy with just a few extra rich entrepreneurs making up for some of the cost of crime, welfare payments, medicine etc. In any case, the economy does not serve the nation, the money spent on foreign aid and various wasteful and treasonous purposes.]

A Little Too Much Affirmative Action?

Following the Spitzer fiasco, and David Paterson's appointment as New York Governor, there was a marked shift in the investment targets of the Common Fund. Beginning in March of 2008, the biggest recipient of funding, by a very wide margin, were funds defined in the Monthly Transaction Reports as "minority-owned firms." In fact, David seems to be such a supporter of minority-led hedge funds that in 2008 more than half of the $1.4 billion invested in assorted asset managers went to minority-owned companies, $760 million to be exact. This implies that the only way to get startup funding these days, with traditional avenues closed, may be to apply to the New York Common Fund and check the non-white box.

No bottom for a world of fiscal irresponsibility

The world financial system has effectively disintegrated, and quite possibly, there is yet no prospect of a near-term resolution to the crisis. The bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers in September marked a turning point in the functioning of the market system.

I was able to witness the collapse of financial system, and its placement onto life support, and it is still on life support. There is no sign of fiscal responsibility.

It has been an ugly little open secret for some years among the financial community that defined-benefit retirement funds, both corporate and government were just, as woefully underfunded, as compared to the net present value of their obligations as social security and Medicare. One of the predictable results in recent seasons has been the migration of pension funds from truly safe investing to ever-greater degrees of yield chasing -- up to and including deep end-user involvement in the very worst aspects of the securitization market and even taking up the ass end of the capital structure in preferred and common equities.

For a while, the assumptions of high returns because of such yield chasing allowed pension funds to pretend that they were not in trouble. Now that the great crash of 2008 has forever demolished the securitization bubble and cut half or more out of a diversified equity portfolio, the fatal weakness of pension systems has become undeniable.

At the market's peak a little over a year ago, the two principal funds that New York uses to invest retirement money, the New York State Common Retirement System and the New York State Teachers' Retirement System, had equity assets valued at over $120 billion. Since then the value of assets in these funds has plummeted and is currently at a little under $60 billion, a 50% decrease! This, unfortunately, is the pattern with all other state retirement funds, which have suffered comparable losses over the past year. The top 20 stock positions of the two New York State pension funds are listed below (holdings are presented on a combined basis). In addition, if the drubbing of financial stocks continues, it is very likely that the value of these top holdings, which have traditionally accounted for about a third of the total funds' values, will likely continue dropping, due to the prominent positions held in both JP Morgan and Wells Fargo.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

donkey hunters

UK police scrap racially biased diversity targets

Police are to scrap controversial race 'diversity' targets that made it harder for white men to win jobs.

The decision could end the positive discrimination which has seen ethnic minority applicants selected where white rivals were at least as well qualified.

Gloucestershire Police even went to the extent of 'deselecting' more than 100 potential recruits purely because they were white.

The force later admitted it had acted unlawfully.

[ Common sense is only prevailing due to the threat of legal challenges. ]

London 'race war' between Somalians and Afghanis

Another friend, 23-year-old Issaq Soul, said: 'There is a war going on between the Afghans and the Somalis.

'The tension has been building. They want to call the shots around here. They are completely lawless. But Kul wasn't caught up in all that.'

There have been no arrests in either case.

[ The joys of immigration ]

British Nationalists' shock election success

A win for the British National Party yesterday sent a tremor through Labour amid growing fears the recession is driving angry voters into the arms of extremist parties.

The far-Right party seized a Labour seat in a district council by-election in Sevenoaks, Kent, leading some to warn it could make significant advances in the local and European elections to be held in June.

The town is a Tory stronghold at Westminster. Local politicians had previously dismissed the chances of a BNP breakthrough. But the shock result will be seen as evidence that Gordon Brown's pledge to secure 'British jobs for British workers' has backfired by encouraging nationalism.

Jewish columnist: "we must reclaim antiracism from the far left"

Reluctantly one is initially surprised to see such little concern by the anti-racist consortium about the spectacle of a senior diplomat, arrested for a "fucking Jews" rant, had engendered. While it is important to note that the contemptuous dignitary denies making any anti-Semitic remark, it is not as if anti-racist organizations normally shy away from responding to complaints about public servants.

For example, on the day following the publication of the story, U.A.E (Unite Against Fascism) managed to organize a rally against a teacher who was a British National party member. Then, I should not have been surprised. The last couple of months have seen the worst year on record for anti-Semitic incidents in the United Kingdom. Yet U.A.F. has had nothing to say. Only defense of the Muslim society.

Therein lays the controversy. Although opposition to racism is now an article of faith for all mainstream political parties, the liberal media has been the driving force in those organizations that set the anti-racist agenda. There is a defining part of a person, which follows the literal translation, of the law, that is very comfortable condemning historical racism. The same actions in their own agenda would slate them against Jews in the hands of Nazis, during The Third Reich. It is, however, ambivalent when it comes to contemporary anti-Semitism: particularly when it can be "contextualized" within the Israel/Palestine conflict.

It is absurd when the victims are not defensible, and the spoiled lay waste to the rules, which brought them to be. This state of affairs is, frankly, terrifying. As others are warning here, there is every reason to believe that the defining themes of the present economic downturn will result in xenophobic, anti-immigrant and racist politics. As conspiracy theories depicting Jews as controllers of the financial markets proliferate, anti-Semitics will undoubtedly also be part of that mix.

Support for fascist parties tends to grow during the time of crisis, and we need a strong defense against politics with solidarity, between and support from all parts, of Civilization and Modern society. However, with its prejudice, silence on anti-Semitism and blindness to Islam's Jew-hatred, Unite Against Fascism is counterproductive.

[What is the left without anti-racism and what will it “defend”? They concentrate fascist antifascist groups on opposing classes, but now they are adding new oppressions to their already wanton list of obtuse acceptances of wants and needs. Meanwhile nationalist parties are in many cases unwilling to criticize Jews because hate speech laws. Hate speech laws that in several societies encompass the complete denial American 1st Amendment rights. The politicians have their hands tied, in these countries, on every issue, as they consider the emotions of these schizophrenics. The Left might end up becoming ideologically closer to the position of the Nazis they detest.]

Girl suffers serious burns trying to make herself brown

A pupil suffered first-degree burns after just 19 minutes in an unmanned tanning salon.

Kirsty McRae finished the trauma on I-V (Intravenous) medication. At only the age of 14, ended up with burns to 70 percent of her skin.

She was quoted as saying, “I was feeling pale and just wanted a tan - I had no idea they were so dangerous.”

[Blacks want to be white and whites want to look black. That is how screwed up people are. White skin looks beautiful on a healthy person who gets sufficient sleep, exercise and a good diet. ]

Hate speech laws create racial tension

Hate speech laws create racial tension.

To test this, they ran a group of white volunteers through a series of computer-based mental exercises that are so challenging that they temporarily deplete the cognitive reserves needed for discipline. Once they had the volunteers in this compromised state of mind, they put them (and others not so depleted) into a social situation with the potential for racial tension - they met with either a white or a black interviewer and discussed racial diversity. Afterward, the volunteers rated the interaction for comfort, awkwardness, and enjoyment. In addition, independent judges - both black and white - analyzed the five-minute interactions, commenting on how cautious the volunteers were, how direct in their answers - and how racially prejudiced.

As reported in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science, those mentally depleted - that is, those lacking discipline and self-control - found talking about race with a black interviewer much more enjoyable than did those with their self-control intact. That is presumably because they were not working so hard at monitoring and curbing what they said. What's more, independent black observers found that the powerless volunteers were much more direct and authentic in conversation. Moreover, perhaps most striking, blacks saw the less inhibited whites as less prejudiced against blacks. In other words, relinquishing power over oneself appears to thwart over-thinking and "liberate" people for more authentic relationships.

[ How ironic that by making people afraid to relax and speak their minds, the racially sensitive people, afraid to offend, come across as more prejudiced and uptight than they would if they hadn't been terrorized into such racial caution. ]

College notes Black History Month with reminders of segregation

Two signs hung on a drinking fountain near the Campus Center dining hall. One was marked “Whites ONLY” and the other read “Colored only ".

Segregation was not enforced, but some students did not agree that the exercise was a good way to make a point.

Albright campus senior Marc C. Simmons, who is black, said he would rather have seen organisers promote unity by asking people of different races or affiliations to sit together.

"A lot of times, people sit in their cliques," Simmons said, referring to groups of the same race or the same fraternity, for example.

[People associate with others who are like them because that is how Nature made us, not because we have learned to do so or because we wish to be mean to anyone. Nevertheless, this does not suit the desegregation movement. ]

School children asked which lives they would save if they had to choose among different ethnic groups

New Brunswick's face of education, Kelly Lamrock has ordered the cancellation of a school assignment that asked children which lives they would save if they had to choose among different ethnic groups.

The action came after a mother at the school expressed outrage.

"I can't mince words," Lamrock said. "It is unacceptable in every way. Whatever the intent was, it invites and encourages defining people by stereotypes. It needs to stop."

The students had three spaces in a rocket ship and they had to decide which person they would save among the following: a French-speaking Anglo, an Asian, an original African, an English person and an Aborigine.

[Who wants a new toy?]


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