Thursday, January 22, 2009

Islamic "hit list" of Jews was only intended to be targetted for "polite letters".

Today's article in The Sun entitled "Hate hit list" represents the most insidious and inflammatory kind of demonisation of law-abiding, decent, British Muslims. Sadly it comes as no surprise to see that such libellous and defamatory piffle was published in the prokaryote of British newspapers. If the article wasn't so offensive and damaging to community relations, we may have found it amusing that it took two journalists to compose such atrocious tabloid fodder; however this is a serious matter due to the clearly misleading nature of the article. It is extremely difficult to believe that The Sun has not deliberately set out to deceive its readers into thinking that British Muslims on our website pose a physical threat to prominent British Jews, whilst knowing full well that this is an outright lie.

Clearly, most people will realize that this thread is about a peaceful form of campaigning against the state of Israel by writing "polite" letters to well-known and wealthy supporters of the state asking them to withdraw that support and encouraging Muslims not to do business nor work with them until they do. Furthermore, boycotting supporters of Israel is not a new form of protest against the systematic and brutal state terrorism carried out against the Palestinian people, and neither is it a violent, threatening nor anti-Semitic action.

Examining the adjectives used in The Sun's article gives us an undeniable insight into their intent in publishing this piece; the words "hate", "hit list", "hate-filled", "extremists", "terrifyingly", "fanatics", and "deadly" all appear in the short article. The article mentions anti-Semitic attacks on Jews in Europe, quotes a statement from a figure in Al-Qaeda saying Muslims should attack targets wherever they can, alleges that Hamas call for the killing of Jewish children by saying Jewish people should be targeted anywhere and mentions attacks including an arson raid on a Synagogue. Discerning readers will be able to see this for what it is: a despicable attempt to paint law-abiding, Muslim peace activists â€" who are campaigning against Israel's actions â€" as criminal, murderous, anti-Semites, and terrorists. By using the language and imagery of hate and fear, they are instilling these feelings towards Muslims in the hearts and minds of their readers, and this has been an obvious feature of The Sun newspaper for many years.

[ This story is significant in its expose of how Jews and media lie to create public feeling against their enemies - a tactic used to stir up wars as well as casting light on phrases like "The Final Solution", which has been twisted in exactly the same way as the above mentioned list of Jews to target. ]

Poland: Workers find WWII mass grave of Germans

Construction workers in northern Poland have unearthed a World War II-era mass grave containing what are believed to be the bodies of 1,800 German men, women and children who disappeared during the Soviet Army's march to Berlin.

Poles digging at the site of a planned luxury hotel in Malbork - which was called Marienburg and was part of Germany during the war - excavated a bomb crater at the foot of the city's famous 13th century Teutonic Knights fortress, authorities said Monday.

The workers found a small group of bodies in late October and halted digging to allow prosecutors to investigate. After resuming work weeks later, the workers turned up dozens, and then hundreds, more corpses. They believe more may be found.

[ More evidence of the real "Holocaust". Also, I hope readers are familiar with the world's worst maritime disaster: SS Wilhelm Gusloff. ]

Most blacks say MLK's vision fulfilled, poll finds

More than two-thirds of African-Americans believe Martin Luther King Jr.'s vision for race relations has been fulfilled, a CNN poll found - a figure up sharply from a survey in early 2008.

"Whites don't feel the same way - a majority of them say that the country has not yet fulfilled King's vision," CNN polling director Keating Holland said. However, the number of whites saying the dream has been fulfilled has also gone up since March, from 35 percent to 46 percent.

In the 1963 speech, delivered to a civil rights rally on the Mall in Washington, King said: "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character."

[ Obama's victory really underlines how split the US is racially, since most white voters tended to prefer McCain, while non white voters supported Obama overwhelmingly. King's message is fulfilled in the wishful thinking of blacks who obviously read between the lines and see it as black supremacism in disguise. ]

Wild species mix and extinction occurs through human intervention

Throughout the forests of its Pacific Northwest home, the spotted owl, listed as a threatened species, is facing a new challenge.

An interloper from the Midwest, the barred owl, has moved in and the birds are interbreeding - creating fertile, hybrid "sparred owls."

And that's the crux of the problem. Humans are bringing together animals that have never seen each other before, either through habitat destruction, the international pet trade- or travel.

[ Things to note from this: that the definition of a species does not in fact include that it cannot produce fertile offspring with another species. This raises questions over whether some human "races" are really - as some biologists have claimed - different species.

The other point is that when whites are blamed for miscegenation, as if it is entirely the fault of white ethnicities when this happens, it is an unfair accusation. It is inevitable that when one species or race is forced into the area of another interbreeding will happen. In natural circumstances all creatures move further apart and develop into different groups, but humans are forcing other humans to miscegenate unnaturally in the same way that these wild animal species are being destroyed. The blame lies in the main with the people who are causing the problems of genocidal proximity and not with the individuals who don't know any better than to mate outside of their ethnicity. ]

Monday, January 19, 2009

Globalization is killing the planet and destroying races

Gormless and his undemocratic cronies argue that the new runway is needed because of our economic needs and "globalisation". Could somebody please explain to me what globalisation has done for the planet â€" apart from putting the whole economic system at risk; wrecking local communities and traditions, and trashing the world's environment â€" possibly terminally. Can you think of any more achievements Gordon?

The simple truth is, that globalisation as preached and practiced by all our major political parties, and UKIP, puts economic growth before the environment and social stability. The consequences are obvious and frightening; globalisation is destroying culture, skills, lifestyle and tradition - fracturing and disrupting whole societies; it is destroying the notion of stability and self-sufficiency, and it is speeding up the homogenisation of the world.

[ Good point, except that it is not speeding "homogenisation" because mixing races actually destroys homogenization. The most mixed people are the least homogenized while a pure race is entirely homogenous. ]

Dramatic rise in mixed race Britain

One in 10 children in the UK now lives in a mixed-race family, a major study reveals today, raising future hopes of a non-racist Britain.

Mixed-race relationships are now so common that some ethnic groups - starting with African-Caribbean - will virtually disappear, the research states. Young people are six times more likely to be mixed-race as adults. Experts believe the findings, which come just days after Prince Harry was rebuked for calling a fellow cadet "Paki", and Prince Charles admitted to referring to an Asian friend as "Sooty", mean that future generations "will not see race in the way we see it".

Lucinda Platt, author of the report and an academic at the Institute of Social and Economic Research at Essex University, describes the shift towards a mixed-race Britain as "dramatic".

[ Language used in this article oozes hatred towards white Britons. ]

Race And Gender Determine How Politicians Speak

Suleiman and O'Connell compared the language of male and female, and black and white politicians to determine whether ethnicity and gender play a role in the way they speak. They studied transcripts of interviews between Larry King on CNN TV and Madeleine Albright, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice. Specifically, they looked at how the politicians' speech was constructed: the number of syllables spoken, the use of interjections, interruptions, self-referent 'I', non-standard English such as 'gonna', y ' know, and laughter.

Their analysis shows that language reflects a social hierarchy that is not explicitly acknowledged. The "subordinate" roles of black race and female gender are revealed in speech patterns with "dominant" white males. And they are expressed differently in conversations with a white female, a black male and a black female. In effect, a degree of racism and sexism is reproduced by the very people who oppose these societal attitudes.

[ That whetted my appetite for some interesting revelations, but the report fails to expand on this. ]


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