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Sunday, August 20, 2017

(90) Philly End The Fed Block Party! (9/9/17)

(90) Philly End The Fed Block Party! (9/9/17)

Are you ready for the greatest grassroots liberty event of the year in PA!? Join us as we shut down the entire block in front of the Federal Reserve building in Philadelphia, not to protest or shout, but to have fun, connect, network and enjoy ourselves as we bring more light to the issue of central banking, fiat currency, economic controls and the solution to these problems, and many others.

The event will begin at 12:00 and will feature live music, speakers on a variety of different topics, and a variety of vending booths, including food/drink. This is a permitted event with an enforced time period. The streets will have to be cleared at 4 P.M.

Bring your signs, bring your friends, bring your bag chairs, and bring your passion!

Our Speakers include:

Event MC: Dale Kerns for US Senate2018/Libertarian/Penna

Keith F Smith – Cryptocurrency entrepreneur, Developer of Nexus Cryptocurrency

Steve Scheetz – 2018 Libertarian Candidate for Congress representing Pennsylvania’s 8th District, Former Chair of the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania | Steve Scheetz Candidate for Congress District 8

Dale Kerns – 2018 Libertarian Candidate for Senate representing Pennsylvania | Dale Kerns for US Senate2018/Libertarian/Penna

Will Coley - former Libertarian Party Vice Presidential candidate, National Director of Muslims 4 Liberty, Host of “The Call to Freedom” -

Adam Kokesh – Long time freedom activist, Iraq War veteran, Author of “Freedom!”, 2020 Libertarian Party Candidate for (Not) President. -

Philip Labonte – Vocalist for the world touring band All That Remains, outspoken Libertarian, Constitutionalist, and Gun Rights advocate.

Larry Sharpe – 2018 Libertarian Candidate for Governor of New York, Managing Director of the Neo-Sage, Instructor and guest instructor at Columbia's Graduate School of Business and Yale University School of Management respectively. Larry is well known and well respected as being one of the best motivators and unifiers in the Libertarian Party. - Larry Sharpe for New York

Dr. Murray Sabrin - Professor of Finance in the Anisfield School of Business. He was awarded a Ph.D. in economic geography from Rutgers University, an M.A. in social studies education from Lehman College and a B.A. in history, geography and social studies education from Hunter College. Dr. Sabrin is also contributing member of the Mises Institute. -

The Philly End The Fed Block Party will also feature Live Performances featuring both original music and some of your favorite anti-establishment songs by:
Jamall Anthony - -
Corrected Axiom -
Groundwork -

Also, from 5 to 8 is End The Fed Block AFTER Party with Dale Kerns and Larry Sharpe at The Irish Pub 1123 Walnut Street Philadelphia, PA (NOT the 20th location). This is a Fundraising event. Tickets are $25 and available here:

If you want to Party beyond 8:00 and have fun with other liberty lovers, consider grabbing a room at the Sleep Inn Center City
1020 Cherry St, Philadelphia, PA 19107. It's about a 5 minute walk from the fed, and right next door is a Bar/Korean joint called Bonchon Chicken

Enjoy good eating from Food carts that accept Cash, Card AND bitcoin fromSum Pig Food Truck with Jessica Eye-aNuze and @HomeSpun courtesy ofNadine Brosnan

Consider buying a shirt to help us out with costs -

If you would like to volunteer, if you would like to negotiate a sponsorship package, or if you are interested in reserving a vendor’s table please contactMichael Heise directly, or send an email to

If you are interested in a vending spot, they are $100 for 1 Table or $150 for 2 tables.

If you would like to donate to help us fund or promote this event, you can donate via paypal to or via Bitcoin: 13excGnYajBvoomsL2f8WUTgrPneCB7p9e



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