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Sunday, October 23, 2016

America’s health care prices are out of control. These 11 charts prove it.

America’s health care prices are out of control. These 11 charts prove it.

 A day in a hospital costs $5,220 here — versus $424 in Spain.

On Obamacare: Americans Know Better – Medium

On Obamacare: Americans Know Better – Medium

On Thursday, President Obama was in Florida talking about Obamacare, trying one last time to frame his legacy law. There isn’t much that can persuade Americans at this point.
1Their plans have already been canceled. In 2014 when the main pieces of Obamacare went into effect, at least 4.7 million Americans lost their plans. Nearly a million Americans have lost their plans due to Obamacare’s 17 failed co-ops. This leaves people scrambling mid-year to find new doctors, and in some cases they have to start from scratch to meet their very high deductibles. Between 2 and 2.5 million Americans could lose their plans this year because of Obamacare. This is according to Charles Gaba who tracks the law at
2They’ve lost all their options. When President Obama was trying to sell Obamacare in 2009, he complained that “In 34 states, 75 percent of the insurance market is controlled by five or fewer companies … And without competition, the price of insurance goes up and quality goes down.” Because of Obamacare, the situation has gotten much worse. This fall, 31 percent of counties across the country and 2.3 million people who currently have Obamacare are likely to have just one insurer on the exchange, and close to 55 percent of the country will have only one or two. When you have only one option, that’s a monopoly, not a marketplace.

Large insurers run for the exits

3Their premiums have already become unaffordable.Premiums have gone up under Obamacare every year. For 2017, the average approved premiums for Obamacare plans are up more than 25 percent. In Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and Utah premiums will be even higher than insurers requested. All across the country premiums are soaring — up 45 percent in Illinois, 33 percent in Georgia, 25 percent in Kentucky, 34 percent in Nebraska, and 59 percent in Tennessee to name just a few.

Premiums are soaring on Obamacare-compliant plans

4They’ve already lost their doctor. Obamacare puts many new requirements on insurers so the only way insurers can stay afloat in Obamacare is to narrow networks. The insurers that succeed in Obamacare are the ones that limit doctor and hospital networks. So if you liked your doctor, you probably can’t keep your doctor.

President Obama and other Obamacare advocates keep trying to blame Republicans for Obamacare’s failings — saying the law would work if Republicans would bail the insurance companies out or if we just increase taxpayer-funded subsidies a little more. The problem isn’t that we’re not spending enough money on the law. The problem is the law itself. There’s no time for legacy speeches or political spin. We need to work on improving health care for Americans.

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